Janice Dickinson Calls Tyra Banks’ Apology Fraud

Published by Starr Rhett on Friday, August 20, 2010 at 11:00 am.

Janice Dickinson doesn’t buy Tyra Banks‘ remorse. The self-proclaimed “first super model” says that Banks’ apology for a for a controversial new commercial for the new season of America’s Next Top Model, which features judges fawning over the tiny waist of an extremely thin contestant, is disingenuous.

After the commercial received negative backlash, Banks issued a statement saying the promo had been “misconstrued” because “it is just impossible for me to see everything that’s created.”

But Dickinson calls Pinocchio.

“Excuse me, but Tyra is the executive producer of that show,” Dickinson told Access Hollywood. “She has her finger on everything. No, I don’t believe it. It’s her show. She’s very controlling. She’s the hardest working woman on that show. She has her finger on that pulse – trust me.

That’s not hard to believe. If you’ve watched Banks’ talk show enough, then you’ve probably seen moments where she admits to being a workaholic and wanting to be involved in everything, ie, being a control freak.

Dickinson continued her rant with, “Everything they shoot is intentional. Don’t tell me different. I did it for five seasons.”

Dickinson probably felt the need to blow up Banks’ spot (which wasn’t very undercover anyway) to keep that catty rivalry they have going  (gotta get that Celebrity Rehab promo) — the one they claim doesn’t exist, but I digress.

Despite the fact that Banks goes around trying to convince people that she’s all about female empowerment and self-love, America’s Next Top Model is a superficial show that caters to the stereotypical model, in other words, really tall, thin and not like the average woman at all. That’s sadly the way fashion is. No one should be shocked about this.

But at the same time, if you saw someone with an abnormally tiny waist you’d probably gawk and stare too.


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