Ruben Studdard Wants Diddy to Replace Simon Cowell, Talks Idol Favorite

Published by Starr Rhett on Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 11:00 am.

VIBE caught up with Ruben Studdard to get his thoughts on the latest season of American Idol. He talked about Diddy replacing Simon Cowell and this season’s talent.

As far as the obvious comparisons between Studdard and this season’s Michael Lynche, Studdard says it’s only because they’re both big black guys (you know we all look alike) . He has a point, their sound is different. But don’t think that Studdard is checking for Lynche to win. While he thinks all the contestants who make it to that last few weeks have a good shot at successful music careers, his favorite is Casey James, but he wouldn’t give a definite yay or nay as far as who he wants to be the champ. All he said was not to criticize until the last three weeks (which puts us at now).

When it comes to Simon Cowell leaving, Studdard understands it’s going to be hard to replace him but said this about Diddy:

“Diddy would be a good fit because he has that no nonsense attitude when he’s picking artists but it’s still going to be a hard spot to fill.”

That would be interesting to watch but Diddy probably wouldn’t be able to commit to a whole season because of his own busy schedule and possibly conflict of interest, with Making the Band (if that show ever comes back).

Is Ruben Studdard right?  Is Casey James worthy of being an Idol favorite? Does he have a good shot at winning? Would Diddy be a good Simon Cowell replacement?


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