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Six Last Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired By Classic TV Characters

Published by Starr Rhett on Friday, October 30, 2009 at 11:00 am.

Stores across America that sell Halloween paraphernalia are impossibly crowded at this point. And if you live in a major city like I do, fugeddabout it. But don’t fret. The best way to celebrate Halloween (for those interested in dressing up) is by keeping it simple, easy and cheap. Here are some suggestions for last minute Halloween costumes inspired by iconic TV characters. Ninety percent of these ensembles probably already exist in your closet.

Tyrone Biggums
Dave Chappelle immortalized this character in his funny racy sketch comedy show. Prior to Tyrone Biggums, Pooky (from New Jack City) was the world’s most famous crackhead. As far as a costume goes, all you need is a red scully, baby powder for your lips, a navy blue hoody, a neutral colored blazer, neutral colored pants and white sneakers. Crack is optional but not suggested (drugs are bad).


We met Wanda, the infamous Ugly Woman, on In Living Color and were scared to death when she snapped her fingers proclaiming to unsuspecting prey that she would “rock their world.” What you need: Tacky curly blonde wig, red lipstick, pearls and a poofy dress. Make sure to purse your lips to the extreme.


Jerome can definitely be in the house this Hallows Eve! You need a gaudy suit from the 70s, preferably by MCM (see if you can borrow one from your Uncle), a Jheri Curl wig, goatee and a fake gold tooth (if all else fails, you can use the gold foil from mini Reese’s Pieces).


This one is relatively simple if you still have (or know anyone who has) 90s gear locked in a closet somewhere. Get some doorknockers (they sell them for a dollar at the beauty supply store) and a wig styled in an extreme hair-do (think the movie BAPS).

Steve Urkel

The nerdy glasses trend is really annoying but since they’re in style these days, you may already have this part of your costume down. For the rest of it you will need high-water mom-jeans, white socks, skippies, suspenders and a striped polo. Make sure you perfect your snort as well.

Fire Marshall Bill

Get a black suit and tie, white button down, black rain boots (to substitute for the fireman boots), and a captain’s hat and you’re all set. If you can do the Popeye thing with your teeth and face, then it’s Fire Marshal Bill for the win!

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