EXCLUSIVE: T.I. Says ‘Takers’ is #1 Despite Reports and Talks Prequel

Published by Clay Cane on Monday, August 30, 2010 at 3:33 pm.

“We built a bond that I feel transcended through the screen,” says T.I., the star and producer of the number one film in the country, Takers.  That bond was obvious with a powerhouse cast that included Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana, Chris Brown, Michael Ealy and of course T.I.  Although there has been some back and forth regarding whether Takers or The Last Exorcism was number one, the “Live Your Life” rapper-turned-actor talked to BET.com to confirm Takers is number one – plus, he gives us the scoop on a prequel!

How are you, T.I.?
I can’t complain!  The star and producer of the number one movie in the country with the support of the people behind me.  Man, I’m ecstatic!

Takers was in less theaters than its competition but still managed to rock the number one spot.  What do you think it was about this film?
We were in less theaters but we had a higher per screen average, which means after the math was done the number of people that showed up, the number of sold-out shows we had exceeded the number of sold-out shows our competition had.  Although it was believed and perceived that we would fall to the number two slot, the support of the people, word of mouth, the quality of the film and just the energy associated with the project is what catapulted us into the number one slot.  We couldn’t have done it without the people.  We appreciate it!

I’m seeing on various web sites that Takers was number one and then Exorcism was number one.  Why is there this indecisiveness on which film topped the box office?
You know, in film, it’s much different than music; they count dollar for dollar, hour for hour.  In doing that there are estimations that are given — they reported this morning from numbers that came in last night.  With those numbers they estimated the end-all-be-all would be the competition being number one and Takers being number two.  But this morning, after those estimations have already been reported, the final numbers came in from Sunday night.  When all those numbers came in, Takers was indeed number one — officially.  They made estimations and kind of prematurely got that word out and miscalculated.  The final call is Takers is number one.  The people demanded it, as they should — and they got what they wanted.

I know it’s fairly early but do you see anywhere in the future a Takers sequel?
I’m a step ahead of you — I just got off the phone with the director, writer, the head of Screen Gems and the label heads over at Sony.  We are working not a sequel, but a prequel to tell the back story of the characters.

Any last shout outs to all the people from BET and beyond who went out and supported Takers this weekend?

Absolutely, BET was a huge supporter.  We could not have done it without you guys.  Grand Hustle Films thanks you, Sony Pictures thanks you. Also, the people.  In all the theaters in Atlanta, New York — Mount Pleasant, Michigan, they showed up real big.  I’m talking about everywhere!  Dallas, D.C., Philadelphia, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Detroit — everybody showed up real big.  I’m saying this because I’m watching the numbers.  I’m seeing the numbers of people who really showed out at the theaters.  I just want to say I thank you.  On some real sh*t,  it ain’t often that we are able to bring dreams into fruition.  This is one of those times.   I just want to say thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you.  I’m trying to repeat it — I ain’t over!

Takers is in theaters now.

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