Is Meagan Good the Next Beyonce? Idris the Next Jay-Z?

Published by Clay Cane on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 12:00 am.

meaganidrisNow, I know this is a film blog, but this is what happens when actors jump into other worlds. For some reason it’s easier for singers and rappers to become actors — not that they’re any good at it, but it isn’t as embarrassing as the other way around. You know who started this — Eddie Murphy! Yep, he got that one hit with “Party All The Time” and ever since actors have thought they could go the singer route. Some have made it work, like Jamie Foxx, but Jamie is a rarity.

First, there is Idris Elba. An amazingly talented actor who does have experience as a DJ, but now he is a singer… and a rapper. On his MySpace page the 36-year-old features a ditty called, “Same Ish” spitting lines like, “Chicks wanted me to talk sh*t while I f*cked ‘em. So I talked sh*t while I broke ‘em off.”  I  think Shaq had better lyrics than that in his I-want-a-be-rapper days.  Then there is “Best That I Can Do” with vocals from Elba, which sounds like Bob Marley with a speech impediment.  The song isn’t absolutely terrible, but I must admit –  this really cheapens a great talent like Elba.

Then there is Meagan Good. Lawd have lacefront mercies!  Her song, “So Good” leaked on her Twitter page… the song is so painful.  It sounds like a rejected track from Janet Jackson’s  Discipline album!  I’d rather watch One Missed Call 27 times before listening to the 27 seconds of that snippet.  Meagan please, I still have faith in your skills because you were in Eve’s Bayou — but we have enough n0n-singers with epic weaves  in R&B!  Oh, she did tell she is going for a more “pop” sound – that sounds like more of a flop sound!

Funny thing, both Meagan and Idris were in The Unborn together — maybe they’ll have a duet it the works!

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