No Shocker Here: ‘The Karate Kid’ Sequel in the Works

Published by Clay Cane on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 10:25 am.

As we all know, The Karate Kid blew up the box office this weekend. The Jaden Smith film brought in over 56 million and made it the ninth biggest June opening of all time. Some estimates say the film might gross over 200 million. Now, The Karate Kid 2 might already be in the works. According to, the director, Harald Zwart, said:

I think we all would love to go back and have an experience again. Certainly, I remember just watching Jaden and Jackie on and off camera and thinking, ‘They’re such a good movie couple.’ They’re just a good two characters I think. I definitely think we can take these two people somewhere else, but that’s all up to the success. I’m open for anything.”

A sequel is unavoidable but with this storyline, they should be careful — the original Karate Kid was a box office and pop culture success, which garnered an Oscar nod to Pat Morita. However, the Karate Kids that followed were commercial and critical bombs. We will see but for now let’s bask in the success of the 2010 version!

Would you like to see a sequel to The Karate Kid?


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