Movie Review: ‘Duplicity’

Published by Clay Cane on Friday, March 20, 2009 at 12:10 am.

duplicitySummary: Corporate spies form a scandalous relationship and try to con big wig hustlers by pulling off a massive money making scheme.

Review: Julia Roberts is back to a lead role, which she hasn’t done since 2003’s Mona Lisa. Along with Clive Owen, the two are stylish, slick, quick-talking CIA operatives who want as much cash as possible. However, even with their star power and gloss of the big budget movie, Duplicity is an achingly slow flick with a plot that is not even interesting enough to be confusing. After the first hour I had no idea what was happening and I didn’t care. Furthermore, they sounded and looked like they were slipped the maximum dosage of Ambien.

Duplicity’s problem isn’t necessarily Julia Roberts or Clive Owen. The issue is an overcrowded script with endless scenes of babble that is similar to sitting in a two-hour lecture from a college professor who reads straight from the text and never makes eye contact with the class. Do you know there is an audience here? Or is this just indulgent work to prove that you are the Hollywood elite?

Yes, the movie is well-acted, quirky at the right times and each scene is beautifully shot. But, what’s the point of sharp technicalities if the storyline is shoddy? The movie tries too hard to be witty in the way that Ciara tries too hard to be sexy — both get lost in their long strides.

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen perform like they are positive they are in an amazing movie. Maybe it could’ve been amazing. Their acting is right on point and their chemistry feels real, but even they can’t hold up a murky plot that barely ties together at the end.

Overall, Duplicity is painfully dull and might’ve worked better as a backdrop for a music video than full-length film.

Duplicity is in theaters today.

The movie to see this weekend is Valentino: The Last Emperor.

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