Tyler Perry blogs on ‘Star Trek’

Published by Clay Cane on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 12:00 am.

tylerperry2In case you missed out on seeing one of the best action movies of the year, Star Trek, then you also didn’t know Tyler Perry has a cameo.  This is his first time in a project that wasn’t a Tyler Perry production.  Perry said in a recent blog entry:

Are there any STAR TREK fans out there? If not, don’t worry. I wasn’t one either until I saw this new STAR TREK movie that comes out on Friday. It is AWWESSOOMMEEE! I LOOVVEE Sci-Fi! Did you know that? I do! One of my favorite movies is ALIENS.

Anyway, I’m in the new STAR TREK movie that opens this Friday. I must tell you don’t blink because if you do you will miss me. It is a very small part but it was so cool being a part of it. And working with J.J. Abrams was the best. He did LOST and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III….just to mention a few. That guy is so cool. So, this Friday check it out. Again, don’t blink because you’ll miss me. Seriously, if you have to go to the bathroom forget about it. You’ll really miss me. So hold it…LOL.

Congrats to Tyler!

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