Fab or Fail: Venus Williams’ Australian Open ‘Wonderland Dress’

January 19th, 2011

Kudos to Venus for trying to jazz up the tennis courts, but…

I get it. Venus Williams gets bored with traditional tennis gear and wants to feel cute while annihilating her competition. ”I put a lot of thought into my dresses. I love fantasy, and this was kind of a way to express who I am on court,” Williams said after her tough second-round win at the Australian Open yesterday. What exactly does this dress say about the tennis star?

No, really? I’m seriously asking. Venus labeled the crazy court creation her ”Alice in Wonderland dress” saying the bright yellow, latticed design was inspired by Lewis Carroll. She told reporters she wanted to create a “surprise in a tennis dress”, which I think we can all agree she pretty much accomplished. I wonder if that was a tactic to distract her opponent as she played on her  injured hip…

What do you think: does she get points for keeping it innovative on the court or is this outfit just “the L?”

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