Best Week Ever: Barack Obama

November 17th, 2008

Yes I know it’s late,  but it’s still well deserved…..and B.Fleezy’s ready to tell you why!

Best Week Ever- Presidential Election Edition

Earlier this summer my good friend and I got into a fiery discussion about honorary whites- you know the black people that even black people forget are black. While he insisted that Cuba Gooding Jr. was the whitest black man on earth, I argued that Tiger Woods far surpassed him in all categories of whiteness.


After what seemed like hours and hours of texting back and forth, we finally reached a consensus on the ultimate honorary white: Will Smith. That’s right, our very own Willy from Philly marked his final transition into whitehood when he played the last man on earth in the film I Am Legend.


 The last man on earth a black man on earth? Yeah right. People definitely forgot that Will was black for that role, otherwise there is no way he would have been able to represent the entire human race. Needless to say, following this conversation I was almost one hundred percent positive that if we were to ever have a black President, it would be him. It seemed he had all the right characteristics- a charming smile and a friendship with Tom Cruise.


Fortunately last week when Barack Obama became the first African-American President, I was proved wrong. It has been almost two weeks and I am just now coming off my Presidential election induced high. Last Tuesday was a lot of things.


It was historical. It was magical. It gave black people the right to quote Jeezy every five seconds by singing “My President is black, my Lambo is blue.” Although my Lamborghini is non-existent and my real car is white you get the point- there is a black man in the White House and it feels hmm hmm good.  Read below to find out who, other than African-Americans still holding up their black fists, is having the best week ever.


1. The Civil War

Never has it been so apparent in our history that the Union did in fact win. I know…I know it’s a hard pill to swallow for those still holding secession meetings and flying the confederate flag but it’s true… black is officially the new black and I’m loving it.


2.  Anyone with the name Hussein

That’s right people; you can all come out of hiding. Hussein is Obama’s middle name so look for a drastic cut in the amount of time you spend going though security at the airport.


3. Communists

Well maybe not because they still didn’t win the Cold War, but at least they are in the news because of the accusations that Obama is one of them. Note to disgruntled people everywhere: being a black President does not make you a Communist. It just makes you a black President.


4. Sarah Palin

Home Girl finally knows that Africa is in fact a continent. She can now pass that information on to her kid’s kids’ kids. Nuff said.


 5. Bi-Polar People

While I know this has absolutely nothing to do with the election, Beyonce is making it cool to be Bi-Polar again. Her new double-disc album is showing two dramatically different sides of Mrs. Carter. Correct me if I am wrong though, didn’t T.I. just do the same thing with his T.I. vs. T.I.P album?




B “With a wife like Michelle, he’s having the BEST LIFE EVER” Fleezy

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