B.E.T. You Haven’t Heard This: Ciara

October 13th, 2008

CiCi’s got something to say……

First listen: ehhhh, didn’t really dig it

Second listen: hooked up the CPU to my sound system and let it knock for a a couple of minutes…

Third listen: My niece came running downstairs after it was over and said, “Uncle play the song again”

Fourth listen: Loaded up the B.ET. You Haven’t Heard This post, and continued to knock my head in an erratic manner.

Second single status??? I have no idea, but from what I heard, Ciara’s, Fantasy Ride just might see the “delayed” high beams flash once again.  Anywho, this lil diddy KNOCKS!

Ciara- Echo (Prod. By Danja Handz)

Like it, Love it or Leave It?????


Low “Don’t worry CiCi, I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR” Key

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Andrea Said on

Her new song is hot! I wonder what the album is like.

Anthony Said on

She’s still hot.
I found this site has alot of hot designs for Obama that I have never seen.

Andrea Said on

I think that Echo song was better than Go Girl. It grew on me quickly.
Nice Production!

Slim T Said on

Yo watup Ci Ci i wish i knew u better than i think i do. i heard someone’s new song but i dont let it get to me i luv all yo videos n if u wasnt for yo song i woulda never open up my eyes n my ears. ion care wat nobodi say u can b my homie

Slim T Said on

if it wasnt for yo song

I wanna thank u
i appreciate it wit a passion i got deeper respect and love for yo music


ciara williams Said on

I love the go girl wit t-pain

nicole Said on

it was ok. i would love to hear some bad a$% chart-toppers though, i believe in you ciara. whatever your next single is girl, come hard and let ‘em know what’s up!!!

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