Celebs Take Action for Election Day

November 8th, 2012

(Photo: facebook/barackobama)

By Arielle Loren

The 2012 election season has been a wild ride filled with political antics, media punditry, and of course, celebrity endorsements. Other than Stacey Dash who chose to be the black sheep of Hollywood, the majority of celebrities have been extremely vocal about their support for President Obama and encouraging fans to get him re-elected. From the concerts to the viral videos, Beyonce, Jay-Z, John Legend, Alicia Keys, 2Chainz, Mary J. Blige, and so many more have been front and center, endorsing a candidate that honestly won’t serve their millionaire pockets but rather do the right thing for the larger American public.

The importance of voting, particularly for many hip hop and R&B fans, is rooted in our ancestry, as African-Americans did not automatically receive the right to vote. Instead, they had to fight for it. It’s no different for the grandparents and great-grandparents of the famous black celebrities listed above, who likely have heard the same lectures detailing the horrors of Jim Crow voting laws. Thus, voting is something that many of us take personally, regardless of economic status, and encourage others to do it as well.

Celeb fans listen. They value the voices of their favorite artists, and look to them for the latest trends and behaviors. When John Legend tweets about a presidential debate, Ice-T publicly curses out a racist Romney supporter, and Beyonce teams up with the First Lady, all of these things count and might just be the biggest way any of these celebrities have given back.

Empowering the music community to vote is worth more than donating a million dollars to a charity because it reminds American citizens that they have the power to choose the fate of this country and their lives. Moreover, supporting the best candidate for this country, as a whole, is the most American thing to do. And that’s why I nod my head to Obama’s famous millionaire music supporters. It’s also why I casted my ballot for him too.

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