Crime Is Illegal???

October 4th, 2008

Crime Pays? NOT!!7:40pm

So far things are moving slowly over here at MTV’s Busted Finale. Damien asks Yayo if you have to beat someone up on the first day of a jail bid and Yayo replies, “Yeah, of course”. Damien, eyes wider than a deer that’s caught in traffic, replies “I’m scared”.

Recapping from their previous episodes, Aimee and Brandon from Toms River, NJ got caught smoking the cheeba in a yellow Volkswagon Bug. I swear, when people get caught doing something they’re not supposed, it’s like they actually forgot they weren’t allowed to do what they’ve been busted for. Like hey, “I didn’t know you couldn’t operate a vehicle while intoxicated” or “What, weed is illegal to carry in your back pocket”?

No live busts yet, but I’m sure something is BOUND to happen in the NEXT three hours. Oh sh*t, there’s a live bust going on. False alarm; shorty was only riding with her headlights out. Time to eat!


LowHow many times does it take for people to learn crime doesn’t pay” Key

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