Jay-Z: A Proud Millionaire for Obama

October 16th, 2012

(Photo: barackobama.com)

By Arielle Loren

There’s something to be said about Jay-Z using his widespread influence to campaign for President Obama. From his 40/40 club elite fundraising dinner to showcasing Obama ads at his Made in America concert, the hip hop mogul has stepped up to keep the President in office despite its eventual impact on his wallet.

As a multimillionaire, Jay would benefit more from supporting Mitt Romney, as the governor’s interest in keeping taxes low for the wealthy would keep more money in Mr. Carter’s pockets. However, the rapper has not forgotten his humble roots and recognizes the power of Obama’s social policies to not only help kids in the same predicament as he was but also to benefit the country at large.

Romney has been caught on tape promoting his primary interest in reshaping our government as beneficial for only half of the country, primarily the wealthy. Jay has a different script in mind, encouraging his fans to use the power of their vote and to put the best man in office, Barack Obama.

It’s one thing to get rich, be self-centered and only care about how much money you can save on your taxes instead of the plights of the rest of your countrymen and the very people that made you rich. It’s another thing to show a bit of character, remember where you came from and serve as an example for how to use fame for a worthy political cause.

While Jay and his superstar wife, Beyoncé, have been criticized for not doing enough philanthropically, they’ve certainly gone above and beyond for the Obama’s. They didn’t just sport some t-shirts for the paparazzi. They’ve rallied friends and spoken to their millions of fans in hopes that their advocacy will ensure the right outcome this November. Hopefully, the power of their efforts will be reaffirmed election day.

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