Louch Hearts Busted……

October 5th, 2008

Louch is bipolar! 8:38pm

Remember that Akron, Ohio bust with the 18 year old caught drinking in public, well apparently Officer Laughlin takes down another public drinker in the process (the one pictured above with Ryan). Since it’ll take toooo long to explain the sequence of events, here are some outstanding quotes from this particular situation, all deriving from Louch

Before being put in the squad car

“Nah, I ain’t never been arrested”

“Get that camera out of my fuc*king face”

“Is you stupid or something, man?”

After getting released from the squad car

“My name is Steven, but you can call me Louch”

“I was thinking about the ladies the whole time”

“I’m about to go get my dance on, homey”

It’s amazing how much ones demeanor changes when jail isn’t the result


Low “Watching people get busted is HILARIOUS” Key

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