On Location: MTV’s Busted with Tony Yayo

October 4th, 2008

Tony Yayo…..LowKey…..Interesting evening! So the big homey Mylan from Fanscape informs of MTV’s Busted finale this Saturday. The event is airing live and well all know LIVE TV makes for some good ass TV. Tony Yayo (of all people, lol) is heling Damian host the event so, again, this should make for some very interesting television. If your not familiar with Busted, its basically self-explanatory; moronic actions are basically caught on camera for the masses to see and tonight, its turning into a live event….ANYTHING can happen.  MTV has hired two correspondents to ride with the participating law enforcers; one in Calvert County, MD and another in Akron, Ohio.

Uh oh, the shows beginning and I’m missing the festivities. Since I’ll be blogging live, it might make sense for you guys to come back every 15 minutes for an exclusive update from tonights show.


Low “As much trouble Yayo’s been in, I’m surprised the NYPD isn’t in the building” Key 

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