On Location: Power 105.1’s, PowerHouse Concert

October 29th, 2008

Check out LowKey’s, PowerHouse experience!

Doing things the regular way, for some odd reason, just doesn’t appease me. I had ample amounts of time to retrieve a Power 105.1, Powerhouse Concert ticket, but yet and still, I waited till the last minute to begin my quest for one, go figure. Anyway, to make a long story short, I obtained a ticket from one of the Clear Channel’s head honchos (THANKS Josefa) who received my last minute ticket plea from one of the Power 105 DJ’s….AWESOME!

I hit the venue around 7:10 after an eventful excursion from the train station to the actual arena. Get off here, climb these steps, do 12 push-ups; I felt like I was training for the Navy with the scavenger hunt they sent me on. DJ clue warmed the crowd up with some home town hits before Yonkers representatives, D-Block, hit the stage. Though it was insanely obvious the trio needed a bit of stage coaching, they did have a grand time reintroducing the tri-state area to an array of hits. “Wild Out”, Good Love”, “All About The Benjamin’s”, “Blow My Mind” all took turns terrorizing the sound system (in a good way) while the audience rapped line for line for a majority of the set.

As Jada begun to initiate the the introduction to his new single,” By My Side”, the sound man, obviously instructed, cut Jada’s mic and the lights before he could even spew a lyric. No remorse for them D-Block Boys; the show must go on. Neyo, the only R&B act on the heavily infested hip hop bill, held his own for the 45 (seemed longer) minutes he was on stage. Surprisingly, Neyo filled his set with surprise guest after surprise guest. First, he let Jada get his rocks off with “By My Side”, and then he pulled Plies out his hat to perform, “Bust It Baby” Pt.2. Assuming the crowd thought he was finished, heasserted, “We ain’t done yet” which was obviously the cue for Brooklyn’s own, Fabolous to hit the stage for a short, but sweet version of “Make Me Better”. Of course covering his own hits (“Because of You”, “Sexy Love”, “Nobody”, “Miss Independent” and “Closer”) Neyo played the Gangsta and The Gentlemen roles quite well.

Since The Martian jumped ship the previous night for Boston’s, Powerhouse Concert (Lil Wayne hearts Metal Detectors part 90) the rumor mill was buzzing on whether or not Daddy Carter would actually show. According to several reliable sources, Weezy also missed sound check earlier in the day. I’m assuming since the Tri-State Area doesn’t give a rats ass about how many records you sell in a week, Wayne made SURE he was front center come show time. While I do enjoy bits and pieces of Mr. Carter’s material, his stage show just isn’t one those bits or pieces.

The heavily rock influenced set did its justice and injustice to Wayne’s tracks all in the same breath. I get the rock star ambiance, but it sounds like Wayne and The Carters need to polish up their stage performance. “Mr. Carter” sans Jay-Z and “Got Money” sans T-Pain lacked in energy, but the Tri-State ate it up regardless. “Fireman” recaptured wandering minds (including mine), but went astray during his floor crawling experience throughout, “Lollipop”. He then strapped on his guitar and proceeded to do what rockers do; look down at his apparatus and make awkward faces as if it was straining each and every brain cell to play the damn thing.


He covered several more Carter 3 joints (“Ms. Officer” w/Bobby V, “Misunderstood”, “C3” and “Shoot Me Down” and even brought out his pappy for a quick “Pop Bottles” verse. “A Milli” ended things off, but not to be outdone by his Whitney Houston rendition of “I Will Always Love You”. *DONTFL* (Dead On The Floor Laughing).

The REAL Mr. Carter took to the stage and captured the attention of all from JUMP. If you’ve been to a Jay-Z outing in the past 12 months, you pretty much know his stage set how like the back of your hand. But if you’re a true fan and just enjoy his presence and music, none of that should really matter because it’ll still feel like it’s your very first Jay-Z experience.

Crowd favorites like “Lucifer”, “Song Cry” “Blue Magic”, “Can I Live”, “Pray” “Can I Get A” and “Jigga My Ni&&a” easily entertained, but “PSA”, “You Don’t Know”, “Show Me What You Got”, “Swagga Like Us”, “Roc Boys, “Excuse Me Miss”, “99 Problems” “Encore” and “Do My” simply set the stadium ablaze.

Like I said, frequent Jay-Z shows and you’ll have his stage experience down to a T, which is why when he slid over to DJ AM’s computer to run through the 3565654656 hits he forgot to demolish, we all knew Beyonce wasn’t too far behind. And like clock work, “Bonnie and Clyde” leaked through speakers followed by “Crazy In Love”, which led up to Beyonce cat walking from the back for an impromptu (not really) performance of “Single Ladies”.

D-Block, Neyo, Fab, Jay, Beyonce….I think I’m good for another 30 days.

For more exclusive, official footage from last nights show, slide over to the Power 105 residence,( Free and Lil Wayne talk about his new son, and missing several shows) they got you covered. But if you don’t feel like navigating, scroll down, I captured some show footage, GUERILLA STYLE!


Low “It never gets old” Key



Kid Capri gets the party started at Power 105’s Powerhouse Concert
Neyo hits the stage at Power 105.1’s, Powerhouse Concert

Neyo brings out Plies to perform, “Bust It Baby Pt.2” at Power 105’s, Powerhouse Concert

Neyo brings out Fabolous to perform, “Make Me Better” at Power 105’s, Powerhouse Concert

Lil Wayne performs, “Mr. Carter” at Power 105’s, Powerhouse Concert last night at the Izod Center in New Jersey

Powerhouse welcomes Jay-Z to the stage

Jay- Z performs his verse from “Swagger Like Us” at Power 105’s Powerhouse Concert at the Izod Center in New Jersey

Jay- Z and DJ AM run through about 12 hit Jay- Z records in a game they like to call, “F That”

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