On Location: The Smirnoff Experience Press Conference

October 7th, 2008

Smirnoff brings out hip hop’s elite for star studded show!

Today, I had the pleasure in attending probably one of the most informative press conferences in a long time. The Smirnoff Expeirnece, which is a global series of events celebrating the brands eclectic taste in music, is taking to the stage tonight with a flurry of performances from Nas, N.E.R.D., Spank Rock, Grandmaster Flash and Buckshot from Blackmoon. But before the show, Smirnoff held an interesting press confernce in support of the tonights showcase, earlier today. The forum, which was hosted by MTV’s, Sway, was an open forum/discussion about a series of topics ranging from Africa, why the participants got involved, among other things.

Since I’m in a bit of a rush right now, I’ve uploaded a couple of clips from Nas, Grandmaster Flash and Pharrell talking about the aforementioned topics. I also snagged Pharrell talking about the rumored break up between him and his producing buddy, Chad Hugo, in which he asserted was “totally not true at all”. Tomorrow, I’ll have some DOPE footage from the concert as well.



Nas discusses why hip hop artists and Americans don’t visit Africa @ The Smirnoff Press Conference on 10.07.08

Pharrell talks working with different artist and recreating a new sound @ The Smirnoff Press Conference on 10.07.08

Pharrell talks working hard and his views on Africa and how it’s perceived by African Americans @ The Smirnoff Press Conference on 10.07.08

Grandmaster Flash talks staying relevant in hip hop and why he’s still involved @ The Smirnoff Press Conference on 10.07.08

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