Question of the Day: Super Group Status

October 27th, 2008

The 2009 Bell Biv Devoe????

I remember during my excursion out to Las Vegas for Nelly’s Brass Knuckles Celebrity Weekend, the St. Lunatic sort of hinted at a super collaborative effort involving himself, Akon, T-Pain and Pharrell. Though he didn’t spit out enough information to cause any kind of commotion, he did, however, reveal the project was in the early stages of production. Said Nelly five months prior, “I feel like we don’t have that mark yet. I don’t no is showing that longevity. I like groups like BBD. I love to have fun, so right now it’s just some ideas we’re tossing around”

Fast forward to this past weekend in Atlanta, GA. Nelly, again, the bearer of exclusive details, decided to spill even more beans about the super group, but this time, reveals a fourth member, T-Pain. “I know me, Akon, Pain and Pharrell are talking about doing a group project. We have a host of thing we’re trying to do; possibly a 2009 BBD type of thing, so we’ll what that do”. Meanwhile, Skateboard P (Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes) played coy when asked about the project and its participants, “Those are all my boys,” Pharrell clarified. “I’m kind of the only one who adheres to the oath of secrecy” 

Could the four of them pull off the project without sounding corny? I mean, I know it’s the age of the “collaboration”, but is the industry ready for a Nelly/T-Pain/Akon/Pharrell Lp?? First single status would probably be monumental on some type of level, but an entire project, ehhhhhhh, I don’t know.

Anyway, enough of my banter, here’s the question, How excited are you about a super group with Nelly, T-Pain, Akon and Pharrell??? If so, why? If not, why???


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alicia aka candy Said on

hey my baby i love your sexy ass lil wanye. and i cant stop thinking about you. call me some time 252-442-0747. lets talk about you and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. write back A.S.A.P

tykeivia Said on

hey lil wayne

Kisha Said on

I don’t know what they are thinking of, it may be a fun idea but I don’t know if it will work long-term. They have the good looks with Pharrell and Nelly, three producers between T-Pain, Akon, and Pharrell. I LOVE PHARRELL AND NELLY! I think that it would be creative and worth a try but there are so many dynamics on all levels that need to make the chemistry work especially business wise. So what they going to call the group ANPT. It sounds funny, the music would be hot but I don’t know about the image and would all of them be able to recover if it doesn’t work. With all the money between them, I guess at least it’s worth a try or just a single or two maybe not an album.

D Said on

hmm i dnt know if that could work out, maybe instead of pharrell and nelly, put kanye and weezy in there???

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