Rumor Control: The Game To Settle Beef With 50 Cent??

February 6th, 2009

Could it be????? In the midst of allllll of this foolery and fuc*ery, something positive has been emancipated from the rubble of bullsh*t.

Obviously, this hasn’t hit the masses, and I’m not sure if it’s too early in the game to reveal such information, but a lil birdie told me several weeks ago that Compton MC, The Game, has/or will be reaching out to 50 Cent to reconcile their musical and personal differences.

Now, this debate could go either way; The Game is insane for trying to do such a thing or this might be exactly what 50 needs to become musically relevant again.

I’m unsure as to what brought on the change of heart (no pun intended, Jayceon lol), but my EXTREMELY reliable source said the aforementioned issue is valid.  Clearly, neither party has leaned toward the issue, but with The Game publicly siding with Curtis during his disregard for human emotion towards Rick Ross, eyebrows were raised and heads began to turn. 

Are you guys biting or do you smell publicity stunt under the stove of Jayceon Taylor. I mean, he has been quiet for a couple of months now (he’s also been touring overseas), so maybe he’s piecing together his “I love you 50 Cent” puzzle so it doesn’t backfire like the previous effort. 



Low “Ehhhhh, I don’t know about this one” Key

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