Sound Off: Fox News Outrage Over Chris Brown

July 18th, 2011

Embattled pop star Chris Brown can’t seem to catch a break these days. After finally rising from the ashes like the Phoenix, Brown has survived one hell of a PR nightmare these past couple of years. But it seems not everyone is happy to pump their fists in victory — no pun intended- as Fox News has decided to go for the jugular.

If ya didn’t know CB made history Friday by being the first artist in the history of “The Today Show” to break the performance record. A crowd of 18,000 people filled the streets all hoping to catch a glimpse of the “Y3K” star. Impressive.

Everyone seems to be thrilled. That is everyone except for Fox News. Fox News host Laura Ingraham accused NBC of “rewarding bad behavior” by allowing Brown to perform.

“You may remember the singer Chris Brown,” said Ingraham, “He plead guilty to beating his then girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009. Sane Americans were disgusted by his bad behavior but that did not stop him from getting top billing this morning on The Today Show.”

Ingraham also did a series of rather bizarre “on the street” interviews. She stopped people–some of them supposedly Chris Brown fans–and asked them to comment on sickening photos of Rihanna’s bruised, swollen face after it had been pummeled to a “pulp” by Brown’s fists.

“Just wanna show you…a picture of Rihanna after the incident,” explained Ingraham, “and I’ve never seen a picture of Chris Brown where it showed that he had any sort of anywhere close to this.”

I admire her passion, however I find the Fox News assault very troubling. Like I have said before what transpired on the unfortunate evening over two years ago between Rihanna and CB was very unfortunate, however he’s not the first — and lets keep it all the way real — won’t be the last entertainer to lay hands on his woman.

In doing some digging I found that Fox News has its share of criminal pundits on payroll, C. Gordon Liddy who was convicted to 20 years in prison for his role in the Watergate scandal and Oliver North, the shamed U.S. military official involved in the 1980’s Iran-Contra affair. Wonder why Fox didn’t execute the same smear campaign on them?

While it’s still unknown what happened between CB and RiRi during the night that changed both their lives forever. However, what is known is that while men lie and women lie..numbers don’t. And with 18k people showing up to show Brown nothing but love, it seems Fox News outrage is a little misguided — and let’s just say it – racist.

Just my two cents.

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