Sound Off: Kanye West Hosts Late Night Twitter Conversation

January 5th, 2012

(Photo: Frank Micelotta/Fox/PictureGroup)

By Gyant

If you weren’t logged on to Twitter last night you missed a rare opportunity to get inside the head of one of music’s most complex individuals. Grammy Award winner Kanye West got out of bed at 4 A.M.-ish London time  to reflect on his career, announce a brand new design company named after his mother DONDA, and — in a roundabout way — posted a job advertisement.

We all know the music mastermind can be misunderstood at times. He can go from pitching fits at award shows, to apologetic and thoughtful in the drop of a dime. Since he broke on the scene as the supremely confident producer-turned-rapper in 2004, music fans have witnessed West run the gambit of emotions. But it seems over all these years of making hit records Ye has been traveling the globe sharpening his design/fashion skill set.

Last night West went on a more than two-hour Twitter rant giving insight into his career rise, his love for fashion, and he even ended up offering a job to those who are the BEST of the BEST. I pulled a few highlights from the lengthy train-of-thought-sharing-of-ideas session. Read from bottom to top.

Love or hate Kanye, you can’t deny him. And to offer people jobs in these tough economic times gets him a standing ovation from #teamSoundoff.

Read more @KanyeWest.

Until next time.

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greg Said on

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jimbo Said on

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