SoundOff TV: One On One With LowKey & Nicki Minaj

May 1st, 2009

jpg_nicki_minaj_picturesYou’re STILL not familiar with Nicki Minaj? Well…WATCH THIS! I’m not going to front, when Nicki first hit my “new rapper radar” I immediately hit the “I’ll pass” button since the parallel’s between her and Lil Kim were extremely similar.

Light skin cutie with long hair rapping about explicit issues we only talk about behind closed doors- yeah, I’d say she was a carbon copy.

But after removing the stubborn sticker from my forehead, I sat down and dissected shorty’s material and the parallel’s didn’t exist like I once thought.

Earlier this week the Southside Jamaica, Queens vixen slid through the HQ’s for an interesting chat about her style, how the parallel’s between her and Kim don’t exist and what she really thinks about NYC hip hop (it’s nothing bad…DON’T WORRY).

I split the interview into two parts because she deserves it…PROBLEM? I’m also providing a link with her new mixtape/street album, Beam Me Up Scotty, which is available online and in the streets right NOW! Without further ado, I present One On One with LowKey & Nicki Minaj…ENJOY!

Nicki Minaj Presents- Beam Me Up Scotty


Low “Aye Nicki, how about a walk to Coldstone’s Creamery…on me” Key Presents: One On One With LowKey & Nicki Minaj from LowKey on Vimeo.

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