SoundOff TV: Rip The Runway Diaries With LowKey

March 3rd, 2009

What they wouldn’t let me show you on TV……I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or if I just have the WORST BET events luck known to mankind. Whatever it is, I can assure you that every time I attend a BET function several things always occur: 1.) Security threatens me in some form, shape or fashion, 2.) A young tender roni inquires about my job responsibilities because of the credentials hanging from my neck and 3.) My boss always asks, “Nile, what are you drinking now?”

Regardless of how many times I get harassed or threatened, I can definitely tell you I always end up having a great time by night’s end. Though I did get a chance to attend last year’s Rip The Runway, I didn’t have the pleasure of ripping and running backstage. See, at this particular event last year, I had JUST received my offer letter to join the BET fold the same night, so I wasn’t officially on staff yet.

Oh, but trust and believe, my behind the scenes antics made up for last year’s lost efforts. From chopping it up with Bobby V; flirting with newcomer, Natasha; cracking jokes with Lil Duval; showcasing SBreezy’s Louis V bag with Maino; getting liquor threats from my superior RC and finally getting to the bottom of the infamous “Stanky Legg” epidemic, I must say 2009’s, Rip The Runway was an eventful one. Not convinced? No worries, the Rip The Runway Diaries will have no problem conveying that message for you. ENJOY!


Low “Uh-Ohhh, Spring Bling’s right around the corner” Key

Rip The Runway ‘09 Behind The Scenes Part 1
Uploaded by Nadah8r

Rip The Runway Diaries Pt. 1

Rip The Runway ‘09 Behind The Scenes Stanky Leg Edition
Uploaded by Nadah8r

Rip The Runway Diaries: The Stanky Legg Edition

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