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November 19th, 2010

Born in 1977 in Newark, New Jersey,the record producer,composer,songwriter Alrad Boola Lewis soon developed his love for music. He then moved to Hempstead, New York, where his talents started gaining notoriety. After producing a few unpublished songs Boola met with Darrin Chandler. Darren Chandler who was A&R at MCA Records took an interested in Boolas talent and brokered his first published work in 2002, Did Ya Say that by the GZA of Wu Tang Clan.

The following year Darrin was hired by his cousin Dame Dash at Roc-A-Fella Records to become Vice President of the label. Boola soon followed where he obtained a song deal wit Roc-A-Fella Records and became an in house producer where he met Gary Big Face Bein-Aime. Gary used the success that Roc-A-Fella Records was experiencing and took Boola along for the ride. Since then, Boola has become a platinum producer.

I had the pleasure of catching up with him to see what he’s been up to since the demise of Roc-A-Fella Records.

Eb: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a producer?

B: First I was a rapper and I needed tracks. So I started making my own.

Eb: What’s your biggest pet peeve when in the studio with an artist?

B: I really don’t have too many issues with artists because we always groove, but I’d say if I have an idea and they go with something different and I know its hot, or if I play a track for them and they don’t think it’s hot and then get on it later.

Eb: Have you ever produced a track with someone in particular in mind and wasn’t able to get it to them or they heard it and didn’t like it?

B: I produced a record for Pusha T, just got it to him and I’m waiting for him to send it back to me but I made that record specifically for him. I have a bunch of Beyonce records. They just didn’t get to her yet but they will.

Eb: To date, musically what are you most proud of?
B: My “Produced By Boola” series because it’s been getting a lot of love online.

Eb: Erykah Badu recently went on a twitter rant about hip hop and r+b artists ditching the sound for a more techno pop sound.  As a producer how do you feel about them transitioning?

B: I feel as an artist you can do what you want to do. I can’t knock nobody for what they do with their art. That’s them and shouldn’t nobody else do that. If they feel they should make these type of records you also have to remember it’s a business. If people are buying this, then give them what they want. But you can mix it up with your original authentic stuff. But I like all kinds of music so I’m not just going to make hip hop tracks. I make techno-pop, rock, country whatever. Whatever I feel because I like a lot of stuff so I’m not mad at nobody.

Eb: If you had the power, what would you change about the music industry?

B: Artist Development is lost. I feel they should focus more on artist development and build someone that has talent opposed to just… where’s your single? A lot of people have talent they just don’t get the chance to show the world.

Eb: You recently started a new music series. We’re in week 4, can you give us an exclusive on other artists that will be featured?

B: I got a record coming Raekwon soon. With a few features that I’m going to keep a surprise but its straight hip hop, dirty, and it’s hot.

Eb: After the series is over… What’s next for Boola?

B: Right after I’m planning on dropping a mixtape with a lot of unreleased Roc-A-Fella records that I did. I feel like that the world that liked Roc-A-Fella at that time will really appreciate this mixtape. I got a lot of good stuff on there.

To check out video of the full interview and to get the new song he dropped yesterday go HERE

Sexual chocolate…stomps feet…drops mic ~ Eb the Celeb

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Get To Know Boola, He Got Beats!

November 11th, 2010

Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, and Timbaland aren’t the only producers that have designated a day to leak new free music. Up and comer Boola has had Thursdays on lock for the past couple of weeks. No you may not know his name now but you will soon. He’s on the path to be the next Swizz Beatz or Pharrell not only branding himself as a hit maker but someone who has a face behind the beats. Definitely not a newcomer to the game, he had plenty of placements during the golden ages of Rocafella Records. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview to see what he’s been up to since the demise of that dynasty. Until then watch the video below get to know him a little better.

Today marks the 4th week of his online series Produced by Boola. In case you missed the previous records I have them for you below as well as the new joint that dropped today.

Week 1. Ne-Yo Shot Down

Week 2. Bun B. I need doe/ I can’t wait featuring Young Chris

Week 3. Pusha T Funkmaster Flex Freestyle

Week 4. Rell Homework

Make sure you follow him on twitter @Boolagotbeats to be the first to get his new songs everyThursday!

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