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Victim of Remy Ma (AND REMY MA!) Speaks Out

May 16th, 2008


Makeda Barnes-Joseph, the victim in the Remy Ma shooting, speaks out in a radio interview with Miss Jones on NYC Hot 97’s morning show. In a passionate interview, the victim was crying and giving her side of the story.  “It was me and Remy in that car. I know who shot me,” she said. Though Makeda says that she was advised not to do interviews, she went on to detail the incident. “Because I didn’t give up my bag, she shot me. I’m, like, ‘Remy you shot me!’ ”

“I sat in the hospital for three weeks and 1 day, Miss Jones. The scars on my stomach are crazy. I don’t even know if I can have kids. You can’t say 8 years is excessive. She got a kid. I may not be able to have kids,” Makeda passionately cries. On Monday (May 12), Remy was sentenced to 8 years, after she was convicted for assault for the shooting.

The victim continued to speak out. “Everyone who was there know what happened, Miss Jones…I’m not out for no money. I wouldn’t steal from Remy, that was my girl. If you see her anywhere, I was with her. We was cool. I never asked Remy for anything. I would never steal from nobody.”

Remy called the station a few minutes later to talk to Miss Jones and assert her innocence. “I don’t care if 12 million said guilty. I was there. She was there. I’m not agreeing to this.

Miss Jones asked Remy how she was holding up. Remy replied, “I’m okay. Everybody is wondering why i’m not on the floor crying my eyes out.”


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Remy Ma Denied Marriage To Papoose, Sentenced 8 Years!

May 13th, 2008

I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Either that or Remy’s beau, Papoose, was attempting one of the most absurd jail breaks of all time. According to the NY Post, the sacred, but brief ceremony between Remy Ma and Papoose that was scheduled for Monday (May 12) was cut short when authorities confiscated in what they thought was a universal handcuff key from Papoose. Not only were the two denied marital bliss, but Papoose was also banned from Riker’s Island indefinitely.

Papoose, who denied any type of motive of planning to break out his wife to be, barked at reporters “I don’t walk to talk, get out of my face. You all write racist articles”. Remy Ma, who will now have to wait until she’s moved into maximum security at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester County to wed her lyrical finance, will be entitled to conjugal visits once the two tie the knot.

While I’m sure Remy pleaded her guts out before her fate was decided, the Post pointed out an interesting fact in which I also stated when Ms. Smith began jibber jabbering on KaySlay’s radio show last week. Any plea she makes before the judge will probably be disregarded since she had a GREAT sense of humor during her incarceration.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. Remy Ma, whose real name is Reminisce Smith, has been sentenced to 8 years behind bars for shooting an acquaintance outside of a Manhattan nightclub July 15, 2007. Remy Ma was found guilty on assault charges in the month of March and originally was facing a 25 year sentence before today’s 8 year ruling.

Sources asserted the rapper could be seen in tears after the verdict was revealed in Manhattan’s Supreme Court this morning. Remy’s defense team plans to appeal the ruling in the near future.

Sad, sad, SAAAAAAAAAAD day for Remy Ma. Go head ladies and gentlemen, SPEAK ON IT!


Low “My youngsters….Please, Please, Please learn from this” Key

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Papoose & Remy Ma To Wed On Rikers Island

May 12th, 2008

After careful and consistent observations, I’ve come to the conclusion that these two are just in love; nothing more, nothing less. Word around town indicates these two will taking each other’s hand in holy matrimony behind the walls of Riker’s Island today (May 12).

Pastor David Staton, who has performed over 400 ceremony’s on Rikers Island, will be wedding the couple in what seems like a call to true love for both rappers. If you’ve been under a rock for the past 6 months, Remy Ma is making the plunge in this manner due to some reckless gunplay she was involved in over some missing pesos. Remy was found guilty on all charges and is facing 25 years in the big house.

Well, LowKey sends his best to the couple. Remy’s sentencing goes down May 13, so make sure you check back with BET.Com for an update.

You know what to do…SPEAK ON IT!


Low “God bless the both of you” Key

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Remy Ma Doing Great????

May 5th, 2008

In an exclusive interview on Sirius Satellite radio with DJ KaySlay, Remy Ma calls in from Riker’s Island to assure her fans that she’s, and I quote “Forever Innocent”.  By the looks of things, Remy either knows something we don’t or she’s just that confident all of a sudden the judge is a new found fan of loading hollow point bullets into a pistol.

Though Remy is facing up to 25 years, her chipper attitude indicates otherwise. She’s also convinced that since the jury didn’t consist of individuals sharing the same skin tone, she wasn’t given a fair trial. Remy goes on to say “Don’t be mistaken by a jury that’s not my peers. There was no tan, dark brown, black…nothing on that jury. It’s a whole conspiracy against rappers right now, so I already knew what it was”. Yes Rem, there is a conspiracy right now, but it’s against people who pop 3 bullets into innocent civilians. And it damn sure didn’t have to do with skin color my dear, if they KNOW you shot someone and have enough evidence to prove it….they can be as dark as Akon or as pale as Eminem….YOU’RE GUILTY!

While this entry may be conceived as me HATING or throwing salt inside a gigantic wound, an interview like this just can’t go unnoticed. I think Mrs. Papoose’s (Papoose was actually on the call as well) jolly attitude might be taken as a form of mockery of the entire situation. And though I may be looking a bit too deep into it, she should reserve the slick commentary until AFTER she’s sentenced (which is scheduled for May 13).

Go head and SoundOff on Remy’s interview, you know you want to!!


Low “How hard is it to stay outta trouble?” Key

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April 22nd, 2008

Looks like someone ate their Lucky Charms this weekend, because according to Remy’s attorney, Ivan Fisher, the rapper’s sentence date, which was originally scheduled for tomorrow (April 23), has been pushed back to May 13th. This new breakthrough now gives Remy enough time to complete 5 things in maintaining her relevancy for the next 3-5 years (that’s the projected amount of time she’s supposed to receive). Check em out……

1. Prove why you belong at the top of the female lyrical totem pole by calling out EVERY female MC you can think of. This includes the younginz as well (Lil Mama, Teyana Taylor…allll of em lol).

2. Film every SINGLE move you make between now and when you head to the big house. I’m sure SOMEONE out there will watch it (not me, I’ll be watching The Big Bang Theory on CBS and The Hills on MTV Ha!)

3. Record from dusk till dawn. 5 years is a long time Remster and if you want that title, becoming the female version of Lil Wayne doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

4. Don’t ask your fans to send any letters to the judge about how much of a nice girl you are. You popped your best friend several times with a heat seeker that had hallow points in the chamber, what could they possibly say to get you out of this fiasco?

Dear Judge, Remy makes the best chocolate chip cookies. And whenever we go out, her .38 caliber pistol is always in arms reach to protect us from the money stealing heathens prowling around NYC.

Sincerely Her New Best Friend

5. Don’t carry around a bible or get photographed going to church. That’s the OLDEST trick in the book!

5 1/2. Ask Papoose to wear a band aid under his left eye…it worked for Nelly and his crew lol!

While it’s not fun to poke fun at a situation like this, I (LowKey) would like to let Remy know that she is in my prayers and I HOPE to god she doesn’t get the maximum time of what ever sentence is handed to her. Chin Up Homey!!!



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Grand Closing

March 24th, 2008

So now the fate resides in the hands of the Jury. Chances are, and I’m just being honest, shorty’s going to see some time. I mean you have to look at how things unfolded; the events leading up to the incident and the actions after the incident. Today in downtown Manhattan, closing arguments were heard as deliberations are to begin tomorrow to decide the fate of 25 year old rapper Remy Ma, whose real name is Remy Smith.

Accident or not Rem, it’s pretty much an open and shut case. You accuse your friend of stealing $3,000 beans from your purse, she said she didn’t, you didn’t believe her, you loaded the .45 with hallow point bullets, cocked it with both hands, hopped in her car, let off a couple pops, and then you put the icing on the cake by RUNNING! Oh and she testified against you, but we all know you lost when the judge heard the word “RAPPER”.

Nonetheless our thoughts and prayers are with you……CHIN UP HOMEY!

What do you guys think????? Is she guilty or not???



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Will A Female Rapper Please Stand Up?

December 13th, 2007



No offense, but I hadn’t paid much attention to the lack of female rap releases until this week. I’m not sure why. Perhaps this little thing between Remy Ma and Lil’ Kim made me think about it. Has anyone else noticed that not one major female rapper has come out this year?


Sure, Diamond and Princess were Crime Mob’s standouts, but they had to share mic time with two or four dudes, so it doesn’t count.  As for releases, Remy Ma, Lil’ Kim and maybe a few others dropped mixtapes this year, but that doesn’t count either.


Eve, Lil Mama and Foxy Brown were initially all scheduled for 2007 releases, but the LPs were eventually all postponed until the new calendar. If I’m not mistaken, Remy Ma’s There’s Something About Remy, which hit stores on February 7th, 2006, is the last major release by a solo female rapper.  Dude, that’s nearly two years.


I’ve yet to hear a valid reason for the current lack of female emcees, but it’s getting ridiculous. Somebody please sign Rah Digga.



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