Video: Young Jeezy & Jay-Z- My President (Remix)

January 19th, 2009

Their President Is Black……….Young Jeezy held his own inauguration gala last night at popular D.C. nightspot, Love. Jeezy’s “Presidential Status” Inauguration Ball not only sported appearances from the freshest and the fliest from the D.C. area, but Akon, Kevin Liles, Bow Wow, Tracy Edmonds, Wale, T.I. and Jay-Z where all in attendance to kick off Barack Obama’s Inauguration Week.

Hopefully many of the attendees in Washington, D.C. took heed to my SPECTACULAR list I posted on Saturday, especially during their time in Club Love last night. Enough small talk, Jay and Jeezy took to the stage and did what they do best. CHECK IT OUT, BELOW


Low “My President is black, but his house is all white” Key

Jay-Z My President is black Remix LIVE 1-18-09 from benjamin Johnson on Vimeo.

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J Said on

Actually he’s biracial…when you’re mother is white and your father is black…you are biracial…let’s get some education here. you can’t change the reality of WHAT HE TRULY IS! SORRY! I bet you couldn’t even tell us why you voted for him other than the fact that he is HALF African-American…right? I agree with you Ladylee… and they should apologize to Obama b.c. they are a true embarassment.

darrell Said on

man f*** all yall hatin A** Obama rs ladyleeu dont kno wat da f*** u talkin bout b**** so f*** u and jay z rich he does not care if one person doesnt bye his record. B****

WeSt sIdE Said on


Common Sense Said on

What if a white guy made a song called My president is White when bush got elected? Guaranteed he would be called a racists… The double standard needs to stop!!! Also, has Nas ever heard of Lincon? I am pretty sure he freed the slaves… Lasty, sorry to burst you bubble but Obama is 50% white, somewhere around 40% of Arabic decent, and well the rest.. 10% is black… This kind of music keeps racism alive…. Think before you act

janiyah Said on

I know my president is black iiiiiiiii llllllloooooooooovvveeeee yah!

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