Yep I Said It……..AND????

March 3rd, 2009

C’mon guys….REALLLY????*Disclaimer* Alright, let me just state something real quick before I even start my rant about the mudslinging going on in the video below: I’m a huge fan of all four of these dudes pictured above. I respect their work, what they’ve done for music as a whole, and everything else in between. In no way is this post a reflection of how I feel about them overall, but these are my SPECIFIC feelings pertaining to the video below.

Ok, so I hit up Miss Info’s page a few minutes prior to see what she had cooking on her side of town and saw something intriguing. I read her commentary and thought, “Ok, Johnta is talking about Jazmine Sullivan’s Twin Towers again, nothing crazy.” But the more I read, the more I became puzzled…until I saw the actual video.

Let’s be clear, I’m all for anyone and everyone voicing their opinion on topics that bother them (an exercise you’re observing now), but when it begins to drag on for minutes upon minutes, well, it’s perceived as the highest level of hate.

Now I’m a fan of JD and his “Ocean’s Five” crew because, to be honest, these dudes are entertaining and love to have a good ol’ time. Slick commentary, continuous alcohol consumption, endless nights of festive behavior; AWESOME. Hell, JD’s YouTube series even generated an interest in his career that A LOT of people didn’t care for (Yeah I Said It).

But when these five fools thought it would be interesting to do an 8-minute video about how fugly Christina Milian’s new look is….well that sh*t is just absurd. Yeah, I’ve said some harsh things in the past around these parts, but NEVER directed it at anyone’s personal appearance, only at the craft they produce for the masses. Am I a fan on how shorty doo wop looks?? Of course not, but that’s what SHE chose to do.

Now, if we’re going to nit pick at appearances, let’s make sure the people around us are in tip-top condition. Example #1: Tameka Foster-Raymond! Aye Usher, you might wanna back up off C.Milian’s new look because last time I checked, wifey wasn’t THAT easy on the eyes. I mean, let’s be real, shorty’s more manly looking than Madea (Yep, I SAID IT). And aren’t we a TAD bit too old to be sporting the scullys with the brims???

Johnta, it seems as though shorty didn’t wanna thumb wrestle with you so in return you thought it was necessary to clown her, huh? You do know how that makes you look in front of the industry, right? Boo Hoo, Christina turned you down…GET OVER IT! Shouldn’t you be recording an album that was supposed to come out when JD still had his door key over at Island Def Jam? (SHOTS!)

And JD, I could’ve SWORN you just made a blog where you vividly explained how lame it was for people to comment on sh*t they didn’t like. Maybe I’m tripping. Nah, I’m not because your exact words were, “What type of ni*ga would take the time to come to my site, look at the blog, read what’s going on and then write a dumb ass comment?” Word, JD?? It seems to me, you and your buddies just did that to the 10th power.

Look fellas, leave the gossip ish to the gossip bloggers, PERIOD. Info was right, pull ya skirts down and handle your business in a MATURE manner because this right here, in the words of Tyrone, AIN’T IT!


Low “If Usher’s album is wack, we’ll know EXACTLY why” Key

P.S. Aye Johnta, I bet your ass you wouldn’t be making those Chris Brown/Rihanna jokes had that been your sister or daughter…NOW WOULD YOU???

Ocean’s 5 talk Christina Milian’s new look

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