3 Female MCs you need to know

January 24th, 2011

I’ve been heavy into Queen Latifah, early EVE, Rah Digga, and MC Lyte lately because I miss that female MC in the mainstream but there are a couple females spitting better than some of the guys out right now. And since if you’re name isn’t Nicki Minaj the chance of you being a female rapper and getting on the radio is slim to none, I figured I’d highlight a couple ladies you need to have in rotation in your mp3 and forget what’s on the radio for a couple minutes. Get to know these 3 female MC’s on the come up.

1. Mae Day

Hailing from Detroit, in 2009 she dropped a mixtape where she fused her lyrics with classic Sade production and named in Cherish the Day: The Mae/Sade Experience. She’s been steady on the grind ever since and even got a co-sign from MC Lyte. Check out her latest song 103.

2.Nitty Scott MC

Currently residing in Brooklyn, the hipster MC has a sound that’s all her own. Check out 2 songs below. One in which she kills Nicki Minaj Monsta!

I luv my life


3. RAtheMC

Signed to industry vet Kenny Burns’ Studio 43 label, the up and coming MC has already earned a VMA nomination. She’s too dope just to listen to one track. Go HERE to download her entire debut album Heart of a Champion.

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