Asher Roth Performs at Hennessy Artistry Kick-Off in NYC

September 23rd, 2010

By now you’ve probably seen plenty of promotion for the Hennessy Artistry series curated by The Roots and Q-Tip. The local tour kicked off in BK, Brooklyn Bowl to be exact last night (9/22) with Asher Roth, Gilbere Forte and Maluca on the bill to perform. Hot 97’s own Angie Martinez and Peter Rosenberg were on hand to host the evening.  I’m not too familiar with Maluca and Gilbere, but I’ve been following Asher since I first saw “Roth Boys” on Worldstarhiphop about two years ago.

I must say, it’s been impressive to see his growth. He was a bit unpolished at first, but he’s been progressing so fast. Performing has always been one of Roth’s strong points and it’s gotten even better. He just seems so comfortable on stage, like he’s home. The PA spitter ran through Asleep in the Bread Aisle favorites like “Lark on My Go Cart” and “I Love College” as well as his recent single, “G.R.I.N.D.”

Meanwhile, my peers and I were treated to some Hennessy beverages and got to bowl a few games in between sets. I’ve been sort of a hermit as of late, but I’m glad I came out for the Hennessy event. It was worth it. Shouts to Nicole and Lindi for taking care of me. See more photos of the event below. -CCHERY

Maluca and Asher

Maluca, Gilbere and Asher show us their drink of choice

Universal Motown Exec Sylvia Rhone and Asher Roth

Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg

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