B.E.T. You Haven’t Heard This: Keri Hilson & Busta Rhymes

December 23rd, 2008

Hmm, maybe Busta should have been on the original?Not that I don’t appreciate Keri and Weezy’s version because it’s actually a snazzy lil ditty, but Busta’s ambiance over Polow’s sound scape gives me a different vibe, that “stand on your desk and mean mug everyone in your office who tells you to turn down your music” vibe, lol.

Since her single is doing considerably well, I’m hoping Interscope is planning her release for January 09. It would be completely moronic on their part to release it any later because honestly, unless they have a single featuring Hov or a duet featuring Whitney Houston, rebuilding a buzz at the top of the year could be an incredibly difficult task.

Anyway, enough chatter……B.E.T. You Haven’t Heard This has the goods…………ENJOY!

Keri Hilson ft. Busta Rhymes- Turnin Me On |Rmx| 

Like It, Love It Or Leave It??????


Low “Keri….Me and You in 2009, huh???” Key

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