Was Chris Akinyemi Born To Keep Music Alive?

August 24th, 2010

You have to be a bold newcomer to take the chance of being introduced to the world taking shots at an industry that you’re trying to get into. Chris Akinyemi does just that with his single “Radio.”

He tackles the notion that A&R’s are blaming poor album sales on the economy when in actuality it’s because they are signing artists that sound like every other artist that’s out right now. It’s obvious he’s tired of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality and wants artists like himself with a different sound be given a chance to shine.

According to him all you need to have a hit record nowadays is:

  1. An instrumental from Swizz Beatz
  2. A couple bars from Lil’ Wayne
  3. Diddy to talk all over your record


The record is produced by DBoy (Dirty Money, Missy Elliott, etc.) Take a listen:

Chris Akinyemi RADIO

This brought me back to my radio days when I was interning not really knowing the format and always wondering why they played the same songs every other hour. After 3 years in radio I came to learn why radio is the way it is, but I will never understand why Music Industry Executives continue to force the same type of music on people and not let artists really be themselves.

This song is extremely refreshing and I love the comedic undertones:

“One hit wonders are getting laid.”

GO HERE to hear Chris and Dboy talk about the concept behind the record and how the collaboration came about. His EP Autumn drops this Fall and I can’t wait to hear more from this kid.

Sexual chocolate…stomps feet…drops mic ~ Eb the Celeb

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