Chris Brown and Rihanna to reunite on TV?

March 29th, 2011

There are always 2 sides to every story but if you have both parties in front of you at the same time, the truth is liable to come out. Fans have been split and took sides immediately sighting to be either #teambreezy or #rihannanavy only on speculation of what happened the night before the  2009 Grammys. What is still a mystery over 2 years later, may finally come to light.

Sources say that ABC is in negotiations to get Chris Brown and Rihanna to reunite on television. Brown’s restraining order as a result of the 2009 incident with then girlfriend Rihanna was lifted earlier this year so the two are able to meet. During his defunct interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America last week Brown with much aggravation on his face let Roberts know that he had not seen Rihanna and was over that time in his life but has he had a change of heart? Could he possibly want to patch up the blow up he had while at the network last week? Brown apologized to everyone at ABC last week on 106 & Park but I’m sure they’d enjoy him returning and reuniting with Rihanna for the first time on their network would prove his remorse a lot better.

ABC is indeed milking this incident until the wheels falls off as Robin Roberts is the likely mediator for this sit down. Despite rumors they had canceled his appearance, Chris Brown will still be performing on the network’s Dancing with the Stars on March 29th.

They are also rumored to be offering Chris Brown a reality show.

I’m not sure the public reunion is a good idea for either party but best believe if it does go down Eb will be front and center in front of my television watching. I would prefer they have Maury Povich as the mediator with his stellar lie detector test team on hand to make it all the more interesting but that’s wishful thinking.

Could this reunion finally be what the public needs to have closure when it comes to this situation and let both artists move on with their careers? Do you feel ABC is just trying to exploit the singers for ratings? Is this a good or bad idea for Chris Brown and Rihanna? SOUND OFF!


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