Headphones are the new ‘Black’ for Rappers

January 10th, 2011

The success of Dr. Dre and his Beats collection with Monster have paved the way for several other artists. Although some chose to partner with Dr. Dre, like Diddy and Lady Gaga,  50 Cent and Ludacris plan to make a splash in the electronic world doing it their own way.

CNN sat down with Ludacris during CES (consumer electronic show) in Vegas to talk about his headphone line called Soul due out this Spring.

CNN: Where did the idea for the headphones come from?

Ludacris: For me, with my past 10 years in the music industry, I’ve heard a lot of different headphones, but I didn’t feel like any combined true quality, stereo sound with fashion. I feel like sound was the most important thing. And I’ve seen some headphones that look nice, but the sound is terrible, and I’ve seen headphones that sounded good but, you know, they didn’t have any type of fashion sense to them.

I wanted to design something that could give you both.

CNN: What were you aiming for with the style?

Ludacris: As you see, man, it’s something that’s innovative, that’s fashionable, that’s aspirational. The design on here just kind of reminds me of a Bentley inside. When you think about hip-hop culture, I took different things that I knew I loved and put them all together on the headphones.

CNN: Do you see them as a fashion accessory?

Ludacris: It’s definitely a fashion accessory these days.

CNN: Do you ever use earbuds, or do you always stick to high-end headphones?

Ludacris: When I’m traveling a lot, that would be the noise-cancellation ones, but on a day-to-day basis, I use the SL99, the in-ears. But my favorite all-around are the SL150s.

There are different headphones for different things that are going on.

50 Cent was also in Vegas for CES unveiling his line of headphones… Sleek. Features include built in volume control, 10 hours of battery life, 60 feet of wireless range and a multi-listener function that can permit up to four people with Sleek headphones the ability to sync and listen to one audio source. Check out this press Q&A video where he discusses the comparison between Beats by Dre and Sleek by 50 Cent.

Still waiting on someone at Monster to send me a pair of the Justin Bieber Solo’s. Not because of Justin Bieber… because they are my favorite color purple! Maybe Fiddy will hook a sista up with some Sleeks.

Sexual chocolate…stomps feet…drops mic ~ Eb the Celeb

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