Keri Hilson, her shades, and the “One Night Stand” video premiere featuring Chris Brown

March 24th, 2011

Make sure you tune into 106 & Park tonight at 6pm/5c to catch the premiere of Keri Hilson’s new video for “One Night Stand” featuring Chris Brown. “One Night Stand” is the third single from her latest album No Boys Allowed. I wasn’t really feeling this track as a single. I felt the label only picked it because Chris Brown is hot right now. Especially since there are better songs on her album. Specifically “All The Boys” and “Hustler.” Although after seeing these steamy photos of her and Breezy trying to show and prove who has the better blonde hairdo maybe the visual will make me like the song more. Check out some photos from the shoot below.

Besides that Keri Hilson is trying to convince me that wearing shades in the club is cool singing “if he can do it I can do it too.” Since when did doing what everyone else does in life become cool? I don’t care who you are or how rich you are, if you have shades on in the club you look like an idiot. If it’s dark outside and you have shades on, what is the point? Miss Keri Baby seems to think that you ’shine’ when you have ’stunners’ on in dark places. I beg to differ but take a listen to her unreleased track “Shades” below anyway.

So how do you feel about people wearing shades in dark places? Cool or Lame? Are you excited about the premiere of her ‘One Night Stand’ video? SOUND OFF!

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