Remy Ma Denied Marriage To Papoose, Sentenced 8 Years!

May 13th, 2008

I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Either that or Remy’s beau, Papoose, was attempting one of the most absurd jail breaks of all time. According to the NY Post, the sacred, but brief ceremony between Remy Ma and Papoose that was scheduled for Monday (May 12) was cut short when authorities confiscated in what they thought was a universal handcuff key from Papoose. Not only were the two denied marital bliss, but Papoose was also banned from Riker’s Island indefinitely.

Papoose, who denied any type of motive of planning to break out his wife to be, barked at reporters “I don’t walk to talk, get out of my face. You all write racist articles”. Remy Ma, who will now have to wait until she’s moved into maximum security at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester County to wed her lyrical finance, will be entitled to conjugal visits once the two tie the knot.

While I’m sure Remy pleaded her guts out before her fate was decided, the Post pointed out an interesting fact in which I also stated when Ms. Smith began jibber jabbering on KaySlay’s radio show last week. Any plea she makes before the judge will probably be disregarded since she had a GREAT sense of humor during her incarceration.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. Remy Ma, whose real name is Reminisce Smith, has been sentenced to 8 years behind bars for shooting an acquaintance outside of a Manhattan nightclub July 15, 2007. Remy Ma was found guilty on assault charges in the month of March and originally was facing a 25 year sentence before today’s 8 year ruling.

Sources asserted the rapper could be seen in tears after the verdict was revealed in Manhattan’s Supreme Court this morning. Remy’s defense team plans to appeal the ruling in the near future.

Sad, sad, SAAAAAAAAAAD day for Remy Ma. Go head ladies and gentlemen, SPEAK ON IT!


Low “My youngsters….Please, Please, Please learn from this” Key

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