Rip The Runway 2010: Fashion Police

March 15th, 2010

Oh so you thought everything at this year’s Rip The Runway was going to be HOT? Guess again…..*Looks up* Lord please forgive me for what I’m about to do. I swear it’s nothing personal. I PROMISE!

Now of course we all want to look our best during any type of Fashion Show, so you can imagine the type of fresh that hit the Hammerstein Ballroom when Rip The Runway came to town several weekends ago. Of course, I’m not a fashion expert, but there are some things you just don’t wear in public.I don’t care if you’re famous or not, there are some things YOU. JUST. DON’T WEAR!

I was assigned the duty of “Fashion Police” for the entire show. That means if I saw something that I thought was a travesty to the fashion industry, I was to capture a flick of the assailant, document it and provide commentary. If you’re thinking about catching an attitude because of my commentary, please take your ass to another blog because at the end of the day this is all fun and games. And if you’re one of the victims below, well you should’ve known coming out the house in that attire that SOMEONE was going to say something lol.

So, let’s get down to business. Here are some victims I caught on the runway, backstage and in the crowd. Ready? Ok, let’s go…

DSCF1497I don’t know what’s worse on this guy; his hair or his shirt. I guess the muscle factor provoked him to put on the most ABSURD thing he could find in his closet. Don’t get at me for stating the obvious, he walked out the house looking like this….not me!

DSCF1510While I love me a female in pair of black leggings, this is NOT acceptable. I damn sure don’t appreciate the silver rubberband strapped to the top of her head. I damn near broke down in tears after I snapped this picture. I swear someone asked me “What’s the matter?” right after.

DSCF1513Seriously? No comment.


Well at least their personalities were flawless. Sorry I can’t say the same thing about their choice of attire. Yuk!


I can honestly tell you aside from those RIDICULOUS looking shades, both of their outfits were pretty fresh. But since I have an extreme disdain for sunglasses inside and outside, I had to make an example out of the both of them. Seriously though, what’s with the 10 speed bicycle chains  hanging from the lenses? I’ll never understand these kids.

IMG00626-20100227-1643I’m not mad at the color because I happen to enjoy a bright colored jacket every now and then. But, the fact it’s reaching his BELLY BUTTON, its SNUGGNESS and the rhinestones on the shoulder. What in the HELL???? And yes, that is Soulja Boy. Hello, DeAndre.



A table cloth around the neck, Pooch…really? Whatever suits ya!

Alright that’s enough for me. Regardless of what I say, everyone has their own style in their own little weird way. I’m just here to pick at it in a good and fun way lol. Anyway, check out Rip The Runway tonight at 10pm on BET!


Low “My ass can’t dress who am I to critique them lol” Key

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