January 11th, 2011

The rapper, producer, and music video director is saying (without saying) that he is going to be a force in this music industry whether it’s behind a MPC, on a mic, or through a lens.

Eb: What’s your genre style? Where do you fit in the music scene?

MJ: I’m Hip-Hop, but I produce so I fuse other elements into my music to create my sound. So I try not to fit a particular scene, I want to stand out and pull people into what I do best.

Eb:Who are some key players when it comes to influencing your musical style?

MJ: I admire pioneers because I want to eventually be one and I admire risk takers, too. Kanye is someone I pay attention to, J. Dilla was an influene on me, Timbaland, too, and is someone I try to learn from. The list goes on. I can’t pinpoint one place, I’m inspired by great art no matter who it comes from, really.

Eb: With the internet the world of rapping is extremely over-saturated. How are you making certain you stand out from the others rappers?

MJ: My story. The pain, the truth and at the end of the day, the talent, right? I produce, write and direct all that happens creatively from my thoughts, every facet.  It’s not just music. And I strive to represent for those who can’t speak, those that may not have sold one drug but hustle just as hard as any dealer. Those who aspire to be more then what they are given. I speak, not just for a block. The world is my block, I’m speaking and fighting for those around the world who are fighting to become more and better then what people want them to be or believe them to be. I have a mantra “No Breaks From Greatness.” That’s the lifestyle I live and abide by.

Eb: You have an emotional song about your upbringing and the death of your father. Why was it important for you to be that vulnerable and share that with the world?

MJ: That’s foundation for who I am as a person. My father gave me so much in so little time. It’s shaped and molded the way I respond to adversity and pain.  I feel like for the legion of people I want to inspire, to really grow with me, I need to be honest and emotional with them. I need to lock in with them and I chose to start at the very beginning with my first mixtape, The Eleventh Hour.

Eb: With so many mixtapes coming out this time of year to start the year off fresh. Why should people take the time to download and listen to yours?

MJ: You’re getting genuine, honest soul-shaking melody, arrangements, true stories of pain and redemption, love and turmoil. I’m giving you the essence of myself, and the inspiration that people out there need and desire. And it’s a collection of really good music.

Eb: What does The Eleventh Hour represent?

MJ: It personifies where I’m at in my life, this is my plan A, B, C and D. I don’t have family to fall back on. I’ve been blessed with people who’ve come into my life that have invested their priceless time, energy, money and beliefs in me. I’ll be damned if I let them down and I don’t have another choice or luxury. This is going to work. It has to.

Eb: Your current single “Cruise Control” features Big K.R.I.T. Are there any other features on The Eleventh Hour?

MJ: K.R.I.T. was really an exception, because I felt a certain kinship to his work and I really wanted to collaborate with him. I haven’t gotten a chance to tell him that yet, but I felt where he was coming from as an artist and producer and a young man fighting for his place in the world. The Eleventh Hour, though, is a personal journey that finds me carrying my narratives alone. I want my Legion, the people who follow me, and any one who chooses to listen to understand where I come from, where I’ve been and where I’m trying to go. This was a purge of pain and happiness; I’ve felt so many emotions and energies throughout the creation of this project. I’m just proud to finally share with the world a collection of thoughts, moods and melodies that have kept me going against all odds for the last couple years.

Eb: You produce, rap, write, and direct your own videos. If you could only do one of those for the rest of your life which would it be and why?

MJ: I would never only do one, cause I wouldn’t exist in a world of only one. [Laughs.] I’m a born hyphenate!

Eb: What are your musical goals for 2011?

MJ: To evolve and keep growing steadily, to perform more and really feel and touch the energy of my Legion, I love them–fans, supporters, friends, family–and feel them everyday. I want to see them.

Eb: How can the fans keep up with you?

MJ: My Web site is, my Twitter is @MikeJaggerr, those two  will connect you to everything you need to be connected to.

Go here to download his new mixtape hosted by SHADE 45’s DJ Wonder.

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