Top Ten: 10 Things You Missed At VH1’s Hip Hop Honors

September 24th, 2009

Again, I might offend my political connect. Nah, I’m just playin- I think….

So here’s the deal- last night VH1’s, Sixth Annual 2009 Hip Honors ceremony took over Brooklyn, NY’s, Brooklyn Academy of Music. The ceremony highlighted the 25th Anniversary of Def Jam basically knocking down its competitors in every way possible.

Anyone and everyone affiliated with IDJ came out to support. That means, if you were in attendance, you caught a glimpse of past collaborators, current employees, former cash cow artists and executives & everything/everyone in between.

It’s no secret- Def Jam ran this rap sh*t back in the day and this show was the forum to prove so. The red carpet, which looked like a zoo from top to bottom, played host to everything IDJ has come in contact with over the past 2o years. Public Enemy, DMX, Ashanti and her mullet, Ludacris and his glasses (confused at that), Lyor Cohen, Brett Ratner and his Wu-Tang memories, Eve, Foxy Brown and her new set of fun bags all came out to play.

And then there was the show. Tribute performances (Eminem & Black Thought tore down LL’s, “Rock The Bells”) forgotten lines (Ja Rule forgot the lyrics to his hit tune “Down 4 U” featuring Ashanti) throwback performances (Method Man & MJB’s “All I Need”) and the “Ummm, Ok” moment of the night (Rick Ross performing “Hustla” in leather Fila suit with his cha cha’s hanging out).

Let’s not forget the unforgettable blurbs from Lyor, Russell, Julie Greenwald, Kevin Liles and Rick Rubin about the fun, stressful and early days of the label that embedded the hip hop culture into the minds of many outside the realm.

In total, the moments from last night accumulated to a pretty festive evening. And since a majority of you won’t get to relive those moments, I’ve decided to recap the Top 10 Things You Missed @ The Sixth Annual Hip Hop Honors. ENJOY!

Oh and I can’t forget the big homey, Kadidja from the LifeStyle portion of has some DOPE red carpet flicks that you probably don’t wanna miss. ENJOY X 2.

VH1’s, Sixth Annual Hip Hop Honors is set to air October 13 on VH1.

10. Ja Rule & DMX hugging and embracing each other in the audience. Who says rappers can’t get along?

9. Ashanti and her mullet made things interesting when she showed up on the red carpet. Things got more entertaining when we further discovered her vocals just aren’t strong enough to perform live. Ahhh, just like the good ol days at Def Jam.

8. To make matters worse, this is somewhat a continuation from #9, Ja Rule forgot the lines to “Down 4 U”. And to make matters EXTREMELY worse, the pair were asked to do the performance over. Yeah I’m sure Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles, Julie Greenwald and Rick Rubin just loved witnessing that. I mean seriously, have nothing but time on your hands…MEMORIZE your sh*t, PLAYA!

7. Brett Ratner reminiscing about directing a video for Redman. I’m not even going to transcribe what was said, but just remember this line, “That’s my mom”.

6. Foxy Brown. You know what, I’m just going to post this picture and YOU can take it from there, lol.

5. #FabsTeeth. Click here and then you’ll understand the gesture. However, watching Fab perform his rendition of “I’ll Be”  as S. Carter with Foxy was pretty cool. Her fun bags having a mind of their own, was not.

4. During a segment with Chris Rock (in which he looked like he was sitting on Russell Simmons’ lap) the audio on his mic was damaged causing the cameraman to stop filming him. Unaware, Chris yelled out “WHAT THE FU*K”. Doesn’t do it for you? I guess you had to be there.

3. Rick Ross. Yeah so Rick Ross performed “Hustlin”. I mean I know it’s Def Jam and everything, but it really didn’t make sense to me as to why they would have Rick Ross perform a song that’s not even 5 years old yet. What gives VH1? Oh that’s not the worst part, Officer Ricky thought it would be “funky fresh” to sport a leather Fila jump suit with nothing under holding his two children (his chest) together. Sorry Ross, I’ve had about enough off your open chest performances.

2. Lyor Cohen. He might be the only man powerful enough to eat my Chipolte while celebrating the birth of my new born son and have me do absolutely nothing about it. Recounting the grimier days of Def Jam,Cohen stuck his chest out and basically said Death Row and Bad Boy Records were nowhere parallel to what Def Jam was doing. The analogy he uses makes complete sense once you hear it.

1. A crowd member yelling out, “Where’s Jay-Z”. I replied, in my head of course, “Sipping Malta’s with Ty-Ty”. They’ll probably edit that part out.

To add to your VH1 Hip Hop Honors experience, below I’ve added some cool TwitPics I snapped last night. My camera was swiped last week, so this is all I have to work with until I get my hands on a new one. Enjoy!


Low “It’s a damn SHAME LL Cool J, Dame Dash, Irv Gotti and Jay-Z weren’t there” Key

ashantiAhhh, Ashanti & her mullet arrive on the red carpet…..

chuckChuck D of Public Enemy….

CMChrisette Michelle just as HAPPY as she can be….


FabHello Fabolous…..

FlavFlavor Flav: The Original Top Hate Toter….


LudaLuda gets intellectual on the VH1 Hip Hop Honors red carpet…..

lyorLyor Cohen….*runs and hides under desk*

waleWale paying attention to a question about his new album, “Attention: Defficit”

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