Guest Blogger: Vashawn Mitchell

Published by Torrence Glenn on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at 11:21 am.

Sup y’all.  Today’s a good day.  Why? Because my dude Vashawn Mitchell is in the building as guest blogger.  Not only is Vashawn a dope artist and one of my favorite songwriters (“My Worship Is For Real,” “Only A Test,” “Don’t Last,” etc.), but he’s a good dude and has the baddest sneaker collection in gospel! Ha! Vashawn was a preliminary judge in Atlanta and DC and as a popular artist in gospel music today, he has a unique perspective.

*Passes the mic to Vashawn*

What up people!

It’s VaShawn Mitchell with my “4-cents” on Sunday Best “Episode 2.”  Let me begin by giving big-ups to my boy Torrence for bringing us the gospel truth and nothing but!   

First and foremost, let me get this out the way, I am on a personal mission to have the saints take the “s” off of EYES!  Civilla Martin (the writer) & Charles Gabriel (Musical Arranger) done rolled out of their graves.  “HIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROW”—singular, not plural!  Now that that’s out the way let me move this train. 

A unicycle, “Can you believe it?”  BeBe was wrong for telling her to finish the song while she rode. LOL—comedy!  I believe it was Ericka that almost took me outta here and said, “Come back when Sunday Best becomes a circus!”  Then the laughter kept coming with a rap version of “His Eye is on the Sparrow.”  It’s amazing some of the people that will get the nerve to audition. And, to top it off, she said she was not a singer!  So much comedy!

Finally, a breath of fresh air, Latice, made it to the next round with her melodic voice.  I was smiling because she was a favorite of mine from the prelim.   I look forward to seeing her progress throughout the show. 

John McClure—yo this dude’s voice is amazingly smooth.  It was great to hear him sing and not try all the runs and high notes in the book.   I have to admit, although I am from Chicago and currently reside in Atlanta—D.C. had some great talent.  It was hard to narrow it down with so many great singers.  

On another note, if we could have judged on fashion we might have wiped out half the crowd at the door. “What were some of ya’ll thinking?”   Speaking of fashion DON’T’S… Clifton deceived the judges according to “Simon,” oops I mean BeBe Winans. His look didn’t match his singing ability.  Oh, but when he opened his mouth this brother just can sang! 

Danetra Moore—I guess she said she’s gonna go for the trinity…Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I love persistence. Keep believing in your dreams! LOL! Shameless plug, but I am “for serious!”

A stand out talent for me was Tammy Turner. It’s amazing she almost didn’t make it out of her second round.  The judges were debating on whether she should go through or not.  They asked her to sing several times, but I personally was convinced there was something that made her uniquely stand out from the rest.  I don’t know if she will be Sunday’s Best, but I’m sure she will bring attention with her style.  P.S.—If u read this I remember you from singing at the Apollo. Shhhh! I won’t tell the saints.  They just won’t understand…LOL!

Y’Anna— I can’t say much about you because I am Bapticostal and it don’t take much to make me dance. Don’t push me I will dance! Anointed…that’s all I can say.

Lastly, I have to admit that I didn’t get a chance to see Jessica Reedy in the preliminary round. So, my first time hearing her was on the show and OMG.  She just got it!  I thank God for you. This girl is destined to become a national favorite in the show.  The world is waiting on this type of anointing, coupled with that powerful testimony. 

This has been my little piece on “Episode 2,” but before I sign-off I want you to keep on the look-out for Bridgett Campbell-Croft & Byron Nichols. They didn’t make it to the finals, but both are phenomenal.  To everyone else, peace, and until next time remember— WHATS COMING FOR YOU IS STILL BETTER THAN WHATS BEEN! 


Vashawn Mitchell

Vashawn Mitchell

*takes mic from Vashawn*

Much thanks to my bro Vashawn for giving his “4 cents.” (Those Bapticostals always got to add EXTRA I tell ya!)

Check back a little later today to hear the ENTIRE new Tonex album, in stores today!

I’m out!


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