Guest Blogger: Danetra Moore Jackson

Published by Torrence Glenn on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 4:41 pm.


Hey folks, told you this week would be full of guests! As promised, here’s the 2nd in a series of guest blogs of the Sunday Best background vocalists. Aside from being a vocalist on the show, Danetra Moore Jackson is probably best known for being “the girl who auditioned in every city.” Who knew that those auditions were ultimately for a different position on the show. Here’s Danetra in her own words to talk about her unique experience with Sunday Best.

*Hands mic to Danetra*

Hello everyone my name is Danetra Moore Jackson. I would like to say thank you Torrence for the opportunity and invite to blog with the Sunday Best viewers. OMG, where do I begin? I am 22 years old and originally from Stockton, CA now residing in Atlanta, GA. I am the 3-city contestant turned BGV! LOL! Going in, I said, “Lord whatever your will is, that’s your will and I’m fine with that because you know what’s best for me.” I’m really not a competition kind of person. I started in Atlanta at the auditions with over 6,000 others in January. I made it to the top 30 of auditioners but was not chosen to represent my city. I was disheartened but I was determined. Two weeks later, I made the trip to Chicago. 1,200 other contestants turned out, just like me. Once again, I made it all the way to the final 14 of the auditions. On a Wednesday morning, I received a phone call from a producer from Sunday Best and was informed I was selected as an alternate. I cried and was deeply hurt and depressed from not making what I thought was Sunday Best. After speaking to my mother and other family and friends in Christ, they reminded me that God keeps his promises. I prayed and gave it another go that following Saturday in D.C. Same story all over again. I made it through to the final round of auditions, but I had to wait for the official result. When I finally received the official call, I almost didn’t believe what I was hearing. I wasn’t in the 20 to compete, but I was being offered a position singing background with Mr. Ray Chew and the band. Wow, it doesn’t get any bigger than that.

WHAT A BLESSING! God had everything under control. I just had to trust in him.

No matter what, I was always thankful and praised him through the situation, not knowing that this was going to be the outcome. I was overjoyed when I finally got the chance to meet Mr. Ray Chew and the Band. Everyone was a well established and profound artist and musician. Keisha Jackson , Latrice Pace , and Daniel Moore on background vocals. The band, CRAZY SICKENING! Everyone was so welcoming. We were like a family. We ate together, prayed together before meals, rehearsals, and shows, not to mention that we laughed and joked like crazy. When it was time to finally rehearse with the contestants and they saw me singing background; they were like OMG. We were excited because we had all been through the auditions together in each city and maintained contact throughout this process. Out of almost 10,000 people that tried out, we were the chosen ones. God had placed everyone that was supposed to be there for a reason and a purpose. I believe that a piece of my purpose was to be an in between and support for the contestants. This was confirmed when people began to tell me how I effected their lives positively and had ministered to them to uplift them. Just because you may not have made it to the next round does not mean that it is over or that you are not good enough. Hey, look at me. It is just a stepping-stone to where God wants to take you. Just be patient, thankful, and don’t complain. Read Proverbs 20:24. Throughout this experience, it is evident to me that a man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men. Proverbs 18:16. This experience has been life changing. It has brought a lifetime of friendships, wisdom, and experience. I wouldn’t change anything about it, not even the 5 hours of sleep per night. I can’t wait to work with Mr. Ray Chew and the band again. For more information and updates, check me out at and on Thank you BET, Torrence, Sunday Best staff and producers, Ray Chew and the band and the friends that I have made along the way and cherish forever. Thank you God for showing me once again, you are forever faithful. Be encouraged Saints. Your season is on the way, too!


*Takes mic from Danetra*

Special thanks to Danetra for stopping through and giving her take. Her story actually inspires me quite a bit and I’m thinking it should do the same for you guys.
I wonder if the story would have had the same end had she given up? On a personal note, I had the opportunity to watch Danetra interact and go through the audition process in Atlanta and D.C. and I must say that she is a class act. You ever just sit back and watch someone and think “wow, he/she is just really nice?” That was Danetra. Despite the LONG days, she stayed pleasant and encouraging to everyone around her. Any of you who auditioned with her I’m sure can attest. (I’m noticing a theme this season of folks who will not allow “competition” to keep them from being good people. Good stuff!!!)

Thanks again Danetra!

‘Til tomorrow.

I’m out!


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Family Friend Said on

Your father lead the service and preached and mom sung before he preached. Grand dad was beaming at the piano, and uncle was sitting in the pew behind. Dad was so proud of you, and your brother too. Both of you are so talented, and were blessed to have talented parents who always adored you both, and kept you near God’s people. Like you said, you were borne to praise God. Even when you were a little girl, they kept you near the anointing and gospel music. When I see you on Sunday Best, it reminds me to smile and enjoy all that God has prepared for us. For it was your time and position to move forward with talent, gifts and the anointing.

Lisa Stewert Said on

As I read your Journey , I said thats me when I went for a job and was turned down four times, but God saw fit that I get that Job and now the head of my department.. I want to let you know to keep up the good work may God bless you and your ministry in. I looked you up on myspace wanted to know who wrote that powerful and anointed song “WE BOW DOWN” that is a worship song of the year for me………………….

Blessed Always.

James Jackson Said on

You are destined for greatness you worked very hard to get where you are, Your talent is one of a kind , I thank God for you and he will take you higher in him. Yea They said no , but GOD SAID YESSSS!! Love ya boo~~

Yo Hubby

James “JJ Jackson
P.S NICE Picture on your blog lol….

James Jackson Said on

Just wanted to let you know that you are one of the greatist female artist in the gospel. You’ve worked very hard for the last five years , letting God do his work in you and now its your season. Yea they said no (3) times and for every (NO) you got a (YES) from God. Love you boo nice blog and picture lol…

Yo Hubby,
James “JJ” Jackson

Leigha Newland-Harris Said on

I am so proud of you Danetra. You deserve every blessing that God has in store for you. You are such an inspiration to me. I love the fact that you are beautiful, intelligent and motivated to do a work for God. Danetra, God knows the desires of your heart and he has heard every single time you’ve cried out to him. I haven’t known you very long but in the short time of knowing you I think that you are a very sweet and humble person. I love the fact that you are DETERMINED to utilize that special gift that God has bestowed upon you. I pray that God continues to elevate your music ministry to higher heights. You are an AMAZING singer and I can’t wait until the world hears your anointed voice. May God continue to bless you!!!

Love Ya,

Your friend Leigha (from Chicago)

Johnathan JONJOHN Johnson Said on

Danetra! My sista! Gurl you know that I truly love ya 4 real. . . I’m so glad that God keeps his promises. I remember the first day of rehearsals when the producers told us you’d be there, and we walked into the room at Avatar Studios, and you was sitting there! I was so happy! And what Torrence said is true, you are a genuine and true pleasant, Christian person…. You have encouraged me- even AFTER Sunday Best, and I know we got each other’s back, naturally and spiritually… I cant wait to see what’s next for ya! Love ya “lil gurl” lol….. :-)

Sunday Best Season 2 Finalist

RL Said on

i honestly think you should have been one of the finalist!

Beth Harris Said on


macka Said on

Hey girl this is macka Y’annie sister it was so good meeting you hope to see you soon and remember you were one of my FAV’S from the audition!

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