Guest Blogger: Donald Lawrence

Published by Torrence Glenn on Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 5:58 pm.

Sup folks! On Episode 6 of “Sunday Best” we finally got to see the contestants’ official Mentor, Donald Lawrence As I mentioned in my recap, Donald Lawrence is probably one of the best writers, choir leaders, producers and musical arrangers in gospel.  As far as I’m concerned, everybody on the show got a bit of a prize just by being able to work with him on the show.  Well, I caught up with Donald Lawrence to get HIS TAKE on this stage of the competition.  I asked him to comment on: how he felt about how he felt about this past week’s elimination and wild card pick, what the final four’s strengths were and what they needed to do to win; and if he’d be willing to work with any of them. 

*Hands mic to Donald Lawrence*

I was torn with the decision between eliminating Zeb or Dontavies. Both are amazing singers, but I think Zeb just had a little more stage personality. But I loved Dontavious and thought he was an amazing singer. Zeb’s strengths are that he is an amazing vocalist. Zeb also has a great personality that shows through when he performs. Zeb owns the stage. For Zeb to win the song choice is going to be really important. Zeb is going to have to own the song and the moment to win.  Latice’s strengths are not only is she an amazing singer, but she has great depth to her. Depth in her personality and depth that she puts into the lyric and the song. Latice really gets the lyric across when she performs. For Latice to win, she just needs to keep doing her thing. Song choice will be important too.Jessica’s strength is her tone! She has priceless tone. Her tone is so unique that the amount of range she has doesn’t matter. For Jessica to win she has to have a little more confidence. She has to be able to present and showcase the lyrics she is singing. And she must use her tone to her advantage. Y’ Anna’s strength is that she is just a singer. Singing is in her fabric. She owns every song that she puts her voice on. For her to win song choice will be important as well. She needs the right song to put her voice on to win it all. She also needs to make sure she doesn’t get vocally tired during the process.I think all the singers are amazing and I would work with any of them, but, if I had to choose one singer to work with it would be Latice. Not just because of her amazing voice, but again, because of the depth she puts in every song and every lyric.


*Takes mic from Donald*

Thanks to Donald for taking time to guest blog for a brother.  You know the man is BUSY. So do you agree with Donald’s take on the show and the contestants. I mean, he is “that dude.”

Check back on Sunday night for my take on Episode 7, and until then…

I’m out!


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Mary Bell Said on

I do agree with Mr. Lawrence on some things. Song selection, character, and confidence does make a difference. The song selection will be the key along with God’s Grace, Mercy, of course His Will. When Y’Anna sang Grandma’s Hands, I was ready to buy the CD (still want it), but when Zeb sang Donnie Hathaway’s song as well as last night, I had to go back and listen again. Zeb is great and I wanted his CD as well (will get it). Both of them have great confidence and vocals with the right type of song, and Zeb knew he had to bring it as the wild card. Jessica is great, but she needs more training, and yes I love her tone. Latrice has something special (God’s Annointing). She has to ensure she listens closely not to get off key, as she has done periodically this season. Unlike Donald —-Y’anna is still the winner in my heart. Y’Anna, PLEASE PICK THE RIGHT SONG FOR YOU……. If you can and give it all God gave you. Be Blessed all of you.

Alaetra Burrus Said on

I think the last night show was good because of your’s songs that you song last night was very nice and pretty. And because you have a nice voice to sing from the bottom of your heart. And god gave you a voice to sing of the bottom of your heart. Most people think that you sing very good. And I do like your songs that you sing on SundayBest every Sunday Night on BET at 8:00 p.m. So I really think God for you in the name of Jesus And the father and the glory and the Holy Ghost Amen. And may God Bless You for the many more years that you got in your life. And I will be praying for you every night. Love Always from ALAETRA DAWN BURRUS.

Crystal Edwards Said on

I am really enjoying Sunday Best all the way here in Alaska! Dontavious this is a message to you. I was like many others watching on that fateful day you were eliminated – Very saddened, angry and dissapointed. You were I felt an excellent representation with education, poise, grace and without a shadow of a doubt an anointing tagged right on your forehead for all to see! Please don’t forget that man looked at the outter, but God sees your heart. Please continue to bless the Lord and his people with that amazing gift given to only you. Sunday Best was only the first step – THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Joy Said on

I totally agree with Donald Lawrence! Latice is outstanding!

Kim M. Said on

Donald got it right. Latice is the one. She just has that “it” factor and most of all her depth of working with lyrics is awesome to watch.

Kim M. Said on

Donald got it right! Latice is the one. She has that “it” factor and her depth of working with lyrics is awesome to watch!!

mssoulutions Said on

latice is the winner.

Lashawn60634 Said on

Latice has a beautiful voice like none I’ve heard before. Not to mention her delivery of every song just, fits. Y’Anna does not need to win this competition at this point, she will be another Sherri Addison, who although not last seasons winner, I see her more on TV than the winner. Y’Anna is the type of singer where I’m holding my breath while she sings, waiting to see what she does next. My favorite is Jessica, to me she is the purpose of this show. Every piece of advice she has been given she has applied the next week and made each performance better than the last. I love that she is shy and humble, what makes me smile is that she does not even know how cold her own voice is. She is also the mean mary’s favorite too so I really see her having a good chance at winning. Latice is so annonited that we have allowed a few vocal slips to slide by, but it’s the final 3 now no more of that. All of these ladies will be stars I do believe! Said on

Latice has been skating by. Jessica and Y’Anna was horse and did a better job than she did. Lord knows she can perform but her singing is pitchy. I haven’t heard her best since the beginning of the competition. Zeb or Dontavies should still be in the running instead of Latice.

Kendra Said on

i am enjoyn every bit of sundays best. i definetly agree that there were alot of amazing singers. but if i had to pick out of the three left i would pick Y’anna she is a monster. i love her voice n she has everything it takes stage presence so forth and so on and she can ing anything. dont get me wrong they all can sing but she is my favorite. but if latice wins ill be happy also. but amen to Y’Anna.

Al Lindsey Said on

Jessica continues to shine. Very fresh, unique gospel style. She doesn’t over sing either. Gospel does not have to be thrushed upon the listener.
To add, she is maturing before our very eyes. I am pleased to say I have personally witnessed this transformation. There truly is no loser in this competition. The contestants are all superb!!! Keep singin’ !!

Michelle Eubanks Said on

First what an awesome job to Sunday’s Best. Love you guys. What an annointed grup of people I saw perform this season. I wasn’t there, but I felt the Holy Spirit move and it blessed me

How, well I have Breast Cancer and I walking in my healing. The word tells us by His stripes (JESUS) I am healed. The song Y’ Anna sang from her debut album (1st single) The Promise Is Written filled me up so, so much I ended up praising the Lord and thanking him for what he has done for me. Every treatment, every trial and tribulation. His promises is what I stand on. HALLELEUJAH! HE has a plan and purpose for me and I do believe. I have 7 more treatments to go. The number 7 is the number of completeness and I Believe I am healed. Whew! I can go on and on, but that song blessed me so and I looking forward to buying the CD/Single awesome job Y’Anna and hats off to the writers of the song Wow. I look forward to the nest season of Sunday’s Best. And to Kirk, Bebe, Erica and Tina (Mary, Mary) Love you. A’yanna and to rest of the disciples stay true, stay grounded and rooted in the Lord. AND stay close don’t change. Don’t forget I am looking forward to the CD and the tour. Great Job. Keep praising the Lord !

In His Service
a Servant, Michelle

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john murriel Said on

For Donald Lawrence, What he is doing is great, He’s come a long way from Morris St. in Gastonia N.C. He may not remember me but we grew up together, he lived across the street from me with his grandfather Mr. (REV.) Brown. Yes Im johnnie murriel ive been in the Army for allmost 20 years. and been deployed numerous amount of times. When we use to sign, play, with the Setzer brothers,Rev Barber’s kids Denise and rodney and everyone else. I my self were a P.K. prechers kid which we all were. Since the time we were kids and i played drums for a chruch band, I allway told him that
he would be great, from Stephne Mill music Dirictor, to coming home to
Gospel with the N.C. choir. and Now. I am proud too say that yes i know Donald and thank GOD like his grandmother use to say that he’s doing
the LORD work and thats what he and we loved Music. Remember me in prayer. AND DOING GODS WORK, WHAT WE LOVE. THANK YOU.


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