Torrence’s Take on Sunday Best Episode 5

Published by Torrence Glenn on Monday, April 6, 2009 at 12:13 pm.

And then there were 5. Didn’t we just have 20 last week? Gotta keep it movin’ I guess. Sheesh!

Anyway, let’s see how we got here.

Kirk Franklin opened the show with his new single “Help Me Believe.” I love this song, and since Kirk is an old pro, the performance was good. Yeah, he doesn’t “sing” but he kind of does make HIS songs work. Think about it, although he always has a good group of singers behind him, it just wouldn’t be the same if they got up there and performed it without his “speeches.” (*mic check* Were the sopranos REALLY loud during his performance or was it just my TV?)

First contestant, Dontavies Boatright. Again, another awesome week. Dude can just sing. I agree with the judges in that there was just enough growl and “holla” without being too much. I know Fred Hammond is either somewhere smiling with pride or pouting with jealousy at the way Dontavies performed that medley. I mean, be honest! All y’all church folks know you’ve heard “Glory To Glory” and “Blessed In The City” way too many times before and it takes something really awesome to make them special again. Dontavies did it!

Next up, another favorite of mine, Jessica Reedy. Kirk’s “Brighter Day” already has a somewhat jazzy execution but Jessica Reedy took it up more than a few notches. The arrangement she gave it was KILLER! Sorry Kirk, “Brighter Day” used to be one of my favorite Kirk Franklin songs, now it’s one of my favorite Jessica Reedy songs.

Clifton Ross is STILL one of my favorite singers in the competition. Richard Smallwood’s “Total Praise” is typically a somewhat hard song to sing for most choirs, much yet one person as a solo. Yeah, I know most of us think we’ve heard our choir sing this song well, but the question is “do they sing it right?” Musically, it’s more complicated than most can even recognize. I think Clifton pitched the beginning of the song too low and that may be what got him sent home. Although his range is AMAZING, I’m thinking singing that low at the opening really may have been uncomfortable for him. HOWEVER, by the time he got to the end of the song and he went into that other vocal placement, he surely brought it back home.

I guess John McClure got tired of folks like me and Bebe Winans always talking about how “smooth” and “sweet” his voice was, so he decided he was gonna go hard this episode. John showed us all that not only was he a crooner, but he has “church chops” and I am not mad at him for it. He even tried to preach a little bit. I probably could have done without t he high notes, but either way, his performance was tight!

Do I have any volunteers to write my paragraph on Y’Anna Crawley’s performance?  Because I’m speechless again. I mean, really…. What can I say? It’s not fair Y’Anna! You’re not playing FAIR!

Zebulon Ellis is a great singer and now that the world knows who he is, I believe he definitely has a bright future in gospel music. I just think that his performance didn’t change much from 2 weeks ago. When you get to this level of competition, last week’s good isn’t this week’s greatness. Both were good, but this last performance didn’t go to the next level in my opinion. I also wasn’t a fan of the suit, but I think that’s what church folks are wearing these days, I just can’t get into it.

Jeff Spain had a rough night. Although I still think he’s a good singer, he may be out of his league at this point. He’s an r&b singer in a gospel competition, he should be glad to have lasted this long. I think he might have been able to save himself had he picked a song more suited to his voice. Mary Mary’s “Yesterday” is a STRAIGHT UP gospel song not really suited for a singer with such an mellow voice. Although Bebe Winans is a gospel singer, Jeff might have been better off going through some of Bebe’s old songs to find something to sing. And is it me or was that the same shawl collar cardigan that Clifton wore two weeks ago, just with the collar rolled up this time? I’m just saying…

Carolyn Johnson-White is a crowed favorite and I can appreciate her, but I don’t think her performance last night was all that good. It had some interesting theatrics (the “shhh”) and the background singers again were killing it, but I just didn’t feel it. In my day to day job when I listen to new artists, the first question I ask myself is “could I do an entire CD of this?” Carolyn makes me wonder. I won’t count her career out though, she’s one of those singers that I’ll hear at a conference or church service somewhere and be laid out by one song!

It’s not secret that I’m a tad bit bored by Kalind Haynes. He’s a good singer. I can’t take that away from him, but I just want a little more from him. I think he’d be an awesome praise and worship leader….

Latice Crawford took it ALL THE WAY home with Karen Clark-Sheard’s “Praying Spirit.” Where does that little girl get all that voice from? It’s like she has a microphone insider her chest or something. And not only did she sing, but she has a way of “ministering” a song that is special. Her ending kind of threw me for a loop and I didn’t like it all that much, but the rest of the song outweighed it.

So, the top 5 are

1. Jessica Reedy
2. Dontavies Boatright
3. Y’Anna Crawley
4. Latice Crawford
5. John McClure

I can actually say that if I were to pick the top 5 based on Sunday’s performances, I’d have to say, that’s EXACTLY who I would have chosen. Had Clifton not have struggled with those low notes in his song, I probably would have had a harder time picking a top 5, because I definitely wanted to see more of him as well.

So, what do you guys think? I KNOW you’ll let me know. You always do.

I’m out!


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Bobbiedoll Said on

Mike, I think we gonna need a bus. Yannie rocks! The end

Kay Kay Said on

The BatMOBUS!!!! Yannie Rocks! The end again! lol…

Teleshia Said on


LOL Said on

LOL @ Sunshine on a cloudy day,

“overrated” tho?

How can you say that about someone who is just naturally talented to the point that people just love her and want the best for her. Anyone that has spoken so highly of her is just merely speaking from some type of experience they’ve had listening to her melodic sound. And nothing that was said I thought, was TOO FAR from the truth!

wow! Said on

ill just say 1 thing,Jessica is a excellent singer in all but behind all the tv fame she isgetting she is not all the “saved” woman that people see and that she gave everything that didn’t concern god up,I have family in Saginaw that knows her but .y’anna good luck

Kenya Said on

I believe promotion ULTIMATELY comes from God. Opinions, however, are a dime a dozen.( everybody has one) So CHURCH, lets not personally attack those that God may be using for his glory at this particular time. All of these contestants can sing. All have gifts from God. This platform GOD has decide to place in their path is just that, a platform. Alot of people are watching. It’s not over for those whose destiny may not be to wear this title(Sunday’s Best). Just because you may have an opinion does not entitle you to attack some one else about theirs. The judges have a decision to make and it’s theirs to make. And you have a right to agree or not to agree but , don’t personally attack their anointings!! It’s got to be hard to stand before thousands,(gifted or not) and perform. All the while knowing that THIS ONE performance can elevate or eliminate. So don’t personally attack this person. It’s got to be hard to have to be a judge of that one particular performance. But for this show IT HAS TO BE DONE. Kirk Franklin reminds us every episode that many are called but only ONE will be chosen. Sooooooooo, for all of you passionally opinionated viewers,do me a favor and remember, WORDS HURT and do damage. Support your choice but NEVER personally attack those that you may not be fond of or agree with. FYI Torrence – thanks for your take(opinions) I agree with you the top five are the right TOP FIVE. (In my opinion)

Frank Said on

There is something inside of Jessica that has to be told. I believe that this is your season, Jessica.

Mary Said on

The steps and words of a good man or woman should be ordered by the Lord and we all must be careful not to throw stones when we all live in glass houses. Not to mention – the trashing of a character is not good. Remember, hate and bitterness will eat you alive (envy and jealousy too). DON’T GET ME WRONG. I also do not agree with all of the choices on the show, but it is their time and season. At the auditions in D.C., I heard some great voices, much better voices than on the show to include myself (not bragging), but nothing just happens by chance. The contestants that are on the show are supposed to be there and we are not. IT’S THEI TIME AND SEASON. The songs given or chosen for the contestants to sang tonight (especially the wild card) actually separated the men from the boys, and the girls from the women. What a wild card. Nice dude……I did not quite care for Zebulon’s singing initially, but he truly inspired me tonight. A great skilled singer he is – Glory be to God. We all deserve a second chance and by the Grace of God he had a chance to truly show his skill. Y’anna, since I am not there to give you a run for your money – I wish you all the best. Y’Anna – you are my choice and you truly blessed me tonight and whenever me when you open your mouth to sing. Keep up the good work and keep on sanging. I was very disappointed that Dontavias was eliminated. I love his command attention type voice. Zebulon, stop picking songs that don’t fit, if they give you one – make it God’s arrangement not yours. All you guys – make it do what it do……

Addie Said on

April 12th was the first time i had ever watched the show. I was truly blessed by all the contestants. I went to church came home and there it was because i watch bobby jones every sunday before church. Yes i am saved and filled with the holy ghost very active in my church then i get on the website and read how people are just back and forth about the contestants on the show. Unbelieveable. God is using each and everyone of them in their own way i pray for god to strengthen them and keep each and everyone of them focused on what he is doing in their lives.As one writer says what god has for you is for you and noone nowhere and take it from you. May god keep each contestant trusting in him. God Bless

Lt. Richardson Said on

I just ,recently, tuned into Sunday’s Best. My first experience is when I watched Season 2 and let me tell you that some of these singers have really moved me. Being a singer and composer myself, I truly admire Y’Anna and JESSICA REEDY. But if I had to pick the Sunday’s Best winner, it would be JESSICA REEDY. Her sound and style is very rare in the Gospal Music industry. It is the sound of the new age of Gospel Music and I think she will bring in a new era of young people coming to know the Lord. With my 15 years in law enforcement (North Carolina), I have delt with many young people who have lost their way. Also,I have seen young people looking for something or someone to believe in. I’m glad she chose the Lord Jesus Christ. Many people with her sound and stage presence choose to sway towards hip hop and R&B, but she has chosen to serve the Lord. Even if she dose’nt win, (I’m praying she will) I think she will, one day, make it to the top. From me, my Wife and Children, keep on inspiring the young talent of today and “God Bless Sunday’s Best”. AMEN.

shanna Said on

jessica reedy i am pulling for you just keep the faith everytime i here you sing it just brings cheers threw my body and i have been their from the tester mony that you spoke about so just keep doing what you doing and know that god here your prayers@ your cries so i wish you the best of luck i watch this show every sunday and know that if you dont win the sunday best you are still gods sunday best .

Linda Said on

Good Morning Y’anna
I thought you were MARVELOUS last night. I just enjoy how you can touch the young and older people. You have a distinctive voice that sends chills through folks bodies. You can make people smile one minute and cry the next! Your singing touches the souls of others in a most special way. Honestly, I enjoy my Sunday night services listening to you and how you know how to capture an audience. You are so spirited and it shows in your singing abilities.

All the other contestants did very well too and may God continue to Bless you all.

Yannie, YOU ARE THE GODLY WILD FACTOR… May God Bless You Always…I love you… — Your auntie…

P.S. All t

Linda Said on

Good Morning Y’anna
I thought you were MARVELOUS last night. I just enjoy how you can touch the young and older people. You have a distinctive voice that sends chills through folks bodies. You can make people smile one minute and cry the next! Your singing touches the souls of others in a most special way. Honestly, I enjoy my Sunday night services listening to you and how you know how to capture an audience. You are so spirited and it shows in your singing abilities. All the other contestants did very well too and may God continue to Bless you all. YANNIE, YOU ARE THE GODLY WILD FACTOR… MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS…I LOVE YOU… — YOUR AUNTIE…

Linda Said on

I just kept rewinding and rewinding the DVR last night just to hear you sing “I don’t feel No Ways Tired”. This is not the easiest song to sing, however, you sang this song with true conviction and ministered complete with scripture! You have such a soulful voice that captures the attention of any audience! You have always been a true believer of God. Not once have I ever witnessed you becoming full of yourself. God has given you a gift that no other can taketh away from you no matter what you may read, see, or hear, etc… Keep that beautiful smile and your head to the sky because you are not arrogant, never have been and never will be. I believe you will never forget where you came from because that is your everlasting Godly spirit.

I always tell you “GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO I”.

Gloria Benton Said on

i live in Leesburg Florida how can i try out for the 2110 sunday best please somebody help me!!

Cynthia Aaron Said on

You are simply the best. Keep singing for the Lord. Your stepmom, De De
Jeter was my best friend. Also, keeping singing for 2 Cent and Macka and
of course for C-boy.

Cynthia Aaron Said on

I failed to mention that this message was intended for Yannie. Blessings
to all the Jeter family in Washington, DC; Spartanburg, SC and all locations
where they may be located.

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