Torrence’s Take On Sunday Best Episode 6

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, April 12, 2009 at 9:05 pm.

From 5, to 6, to 4.  Part of the reason I got into the entertainment business is because I wasn’t the greatest Math student, but these numbers just aren’t adding up! Bringing back 1 to kick off 2? Just wrong… Oh well.

First up, the Design Essentials makeover and a cell phone. Really? Ummm, ok.

So Zebulon Ellis is the wildcard pick?  I get that.  I kind of wanted it to be Clifton Ross, but I can understand and agree with Zebulon getting the nod also.  Although i wasn’t blown away by his performance last week, I’m more than aware that he’s a GREAT singer.  And guess what? He showed and proved with that Donny Hathaway cover this week!  Now I’d usually say that 90% of good singers can’t and shouldn’t ever attempt to sing “A Song For You” but Zebulon absolutely killed that song.  He showed us all his “vocal” personalities! Awesome. 

I’m glad we FINALLY got to see Donald Lawrence.  He’s been mentoring all the contestants and helping them with their arrangements and performances all along.  He may not be a “singer” like that but he is a sick producer and musical director and always brings out the best in singers.   I’m also glad that now that we have fewer contestants, they have a little more time to work their songs out.

Ok, back to the performances.  Jessica Reedy?  OMG! I had to pick myself up off of the floor when she was done.  I can’t find a thing wrong with it.  In this episode, she crossed over from singer to ARTIST. (And folks, there is a difference!) Still my favorite from day one. As far as her “makeover?”  I think the hair was too much, she’s a pretty girl and didn’t need all that.  I’m just sayin’…

John McClure sang a song I didn’t recognize.  The judges said it was a Fred Hammond song, so I’m going to go with that.  It was absolutely beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I kind of wanted the song to go somewhere else and it didn’t.  But like I said, I don’t know the song, so maybe I was looking for something that I shouldn’t have. 

Latice Crawford gets a standing ovation from me. (Yes, I got up in my living room, don’t laugh.) Why? Not because it was her best performance, because it wasn’t.  But she worked that song out, hoarse and all!  There are artists on the radio and on YOUR ipod right now who can’t deliver through hoarseness and SHE DID!  I don’t wear hats, but if I had one, I’d take it off to her.

Dontavies Boatright showed out with the popular praise and worship song “How Great Is Our God.”  Those that know me know that I “feel some kind of way” about the whole praise and worship “genre” thing. But if more praise and worship artists sounded like Dontavies, I’d perhaps feel a lot differently. That’s how it should be done.  It was powerful and sweet all at the same time.  Did you hear those swells? Dontavies, how much do you charge for lessons, so many singers could learn from you!

I almost choked on my chicken fingers when Y’Anna Crawley walked out.  John Mayer? “Waiting on the world to change?”  Really???  Thank GOD the woman can sing anything, because that was almost a set up.  Her voice is so much better than that song, but because she’s also an ARTIST, she worked it out.  Was it our favorite performance from her? Nah, but she still did an excellent job.  She also showed us some other sides to her.  She showed us she could tone it down and just sing pure and low.  I mentioned last week that when listening to a new artist, I always ask “can I do a whole CD of this?” Y’Anna’s performance would cause me to say “ABSOLUTELY.” You can’t holla and squalla for 12 songs straight in the studio. Y’Anna, you still amaze me.

Ann Nesby as tonight’s guest performance was good.  I LOVE that song, “I Found A Place.” Tonex produced it and it just bumps.

So when it was all said and done, Dontavies and John were sent home.  I was really hoping that the judges would only send one person home.  Sure, they’re both GREAT, but I do admit, that one person for me probably would have been John, but I would have really appreciated at least another week of Dontavies. 

But with that said, this is the part of the competition where EVERYBODY is good, so no matter who goes home, it’ll be someone good.  So although when I started typing this blog I had a bit of an attitude, the more I think about it, I can’t be so mad.  Somebody’s got to go.

So the final four are:

1. Zebulon Ellis
2. Latice Crawford
3. Y’Anna Crawley
4. Jessica Reedy

I know this, the judges had BETTER NOT send 2 people home anymore, or I’m going to have an attitude again! Ha!

What do y’all think?

I’m out!


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new to this Said on

Tonight was the first night I watched Sunday Best so I cannot not comment about previous shows but tonight I say Zeb performed that song. I had chills listening to him sing; you could tell he was feeling the words deep in his soul. That should be his first recording.

All the conttestants were good but Zeb was the best-tonight.

simon cowell Said on

I just talked to Simon and he said:

Based on tonights persomance Zeb would stay

Audience participation should begin much earlier in the competition
The final two would be Y’anna and Zeb; and what a duet that would be

Donta and Zeb have talent but it is different;
Donta has a beautiful bass/baritone voice that could make women faint; Zeb has a phenomenal range that will make people shout.

Wendy Said on

Zeb represented Sunday’s Best to me! When I listen to secular music, there is a special ‘kick’ I get in hearing the talent in the voice and watching the ’show or act’ that goes along with such performances. However, when I listen to religious music, I like to be able to close my eyes and experience the Joy of God’s spirit as it flows from the singer’s soul or annointing, by way of God given talent, solidarity in vocal depth, a variety done well so that every selections on the CD won’t sound the same, choice of lyrics in the selection/s, and confidence in the delivery. That’s what I see in Zebulon Ellis and that is what would make me excited to refer to him as Sunday’s Best and purchase his recorded music. Thanks for allowing me to share what I have felt and I am positive that I am not alone in my opinion!

CTB Said on

To God Be The Glory for the wonderful, marvelous, talented, anointed voices that have appeared on Sunday Best. Watch out because Y’Anna is going to another level!!!!! You Go Girl!!!!

Krisette Said on

Well it has been said before Dontavies Boatwright is amazing…Sunday Best or not (which he should have been!) I will be buying the first album!!!

Kimberly Lewis Said on

I agree Dontavies Boatwright should have stayed in the contest. I vote for new judges . Mary Mary is cool but all there singing is not that great!!!!! I think we need to bring in the old school , that knows quality!!!!!!! like Pastor Ceasar. Jessica Reedy is not Sundays’s best there so caught up in what see looks like !!!!!!!she can sing but you can’t make every song you sing sound like jazz it get’s boring !!!!!!!! my 6 year old neice has better skill than her!!!!! final four I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!! We need another wild card and bring back Dontavies Boatwright , please spare us and send Jessica home , she sings i turn the tv.

Kimberly Lewis Said on

P.S Zeb should have stayed that man in anointed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just threw with this I can’t belive theat Jessica is still there !!!! she has nothing on zeb at all I will buy his cd .

Anonymous Said on

Jessica Reedy ripped it once again! That girl is great. I look forward to her future projects. I’m very impressed by her vocal style and her stage presence. Big props to Donald Lawrence for encouraging her to use her lower register. That girl can make her voice go down to the BASEMENT.

LOL! Said on

LOL this is a joke ok last week they send home one of the most awesome male voices on the show Dontavies to bring back Zeb? Then they eliminate him tonight over Jessica? Why are they holding on to this girl? If you have seen one Jessica Reedy performance you have seen them all this poor girl comes out week after week and does the same thing. Jessica you need to find a new trick sweetie cause the jazz thing is played.

Signing off

Renee Said on

I am assuming that this show does not have that much air time because I watched it last year and it seem like they had more people on for a longer period of time. It seem like they are pushing the show along. Zeb can sing but there is NO way that Dontavias should have went home because his voice and his spirit was so powerful. I feel that for next year they should at least keep the 5 or 6 and let the people vote because the judges can be partial and want the keep the one that they really like but if the people vote than it can be somewhat fair. Overall, the ones that are left are really good singers so I wish all of them the best in gospel music.

sai Said on

Some of you all ARE GOING TOO FAR……….

I find it very problematic and a turn off that MOST of you all (who say you are believers of Jesus Christ) are spewing out rage, jealousy, sarcasm, unnecessary bitterness, comparing looks (one male or female vocalist looks better than the other) giving false judgment on someone’s personal relationship with God, attacking their sincerity, character, and their anointing based on your own personal ill feelings and false discernment based on a mere competition! Some of the behaviors displayed in these comments are aloof, childish spiritual immature, and absurd. Your opinion is one thing, but your added narcissistic approach is a different aspect that needs to be quickly called in check.

We should all be supportive of who ever wins and encourage those whose seasonal pit stop came to a end on this show, (not the end of their lives).EACH person that was eliminated still has a purpose, still has a God given plan, and will have a God Given platform to proclaim God’s will whether it’s singing his praises or teaching it. God knows exactly what is best for each person at this given time and season, whether you agree or not!

I truly believe, there is a difference between talent and divine gift, and God is showing me that through this show. They may have the voice, but ONLY God knows if they are ready for this particular platform, can they STAND TO BE BLESSED, or do they need to be crushed some more, to produce the level of anointing to minister to the masses? DO they need to mature spiritually in God’s word? Will they fold at the sign of trouble, or will they stand firm??? Can God Trust them? Don’t even insult God by acting as if He is so small that only one person can fulfill a GLOBAL mission based on a BET gospel show, this is one of millions of avenues and channels God has used to bless his people WHO ARE READY to minister to nations. God is not getting ready to elevate no one to do his will on global platform, when he can’t even trust them to be obedient in the small tasks! I find it very hard for someone who only want to minister or shine on a platform, but never once take time to minister to people in your family or local community! Never despise your small beginnings! So with this said, I am Going with God, who He wants for this Sunday best platform, I will be happy.

I love all the contestants! Indeed it takes faith, courage, and humility to be broken, & corrected in front of millions and still leave with a praise in your heart, and soul! I look forward to seeing many of the finalists in future endeavors, in fact I expect it!

Bev Miller Said on

TO Sai,

AMEN girl!

I am so turned off as new babe in christ at some of these comments. you can fell the jealousy and sarcastic spirits. My God, Its just a show, not the end of their lives. I soooooooooo agree with you, i mean every word you said. I am for who ever God wnats to win.

your comments were the ONLY one that touched me.

LaToya Said on

Well said Sai. I’m so grateful for this show for a number of reasons, mainly because this type of talent could not have been showcased on American Idol. Having said that, I feel that whomever wins well deserves it. I also think we as believers should not miss out on the “big picture”. During the auditions, there was young man who knew he couldn’t sing and read a poem. He was asked why he came and stated to the judges that he had done alot of people wrong in his family and he’s trying to do the right thing. Tearfully, he states that if someone can tell his mother that they saw him down at the auditions not stealing, being a con-artist, or robbing anyone than it would be all worth it. (I’m paraphrasing ofcourse). The point is, that this show has forever changed the lives of some of these people, God’s people and isn’t that what KINGDOM building is all about?

Mizz Tee Said on

Sooooo I had to take the time to really look at the show I recorded it and watched it over and over to really be sure that Dr. Boatwright is really gone. I started watching last nights show and it was just not the same. I had no reason to continue to watch. Sorry judges I love you as artist but as judges you just don’t get it!!!! The annointing has officially left the show. There is only one other person that I’m routing for and if she leaves then it’s officially over. I will not be watching ever!!!!!!!!!

Luv you but truely disapointed,
Mizz Tee

Ollie Green Jr Said on

Well, let me start off by saying first that while some of the comments being posted on this blog may seem to be taken the wrong way,distasteful, overly critical or may have crossed-over the line, This is America… and in America people have a right to say or speek their minds about how they really feel. And that while some comments may be distasteful to some and out of context they still have to be heard. We cannot tell people what to say or tell them how to think no matter how may harsh a judgement they place on another individuals blog as it would take away that person’s idenity. You Are Who You Are. And sometimes it ’s the harsh or unpleasant things that people say that will give us direction as to what road we need to sake. An individual has to be willing to accept the good as well as the bad and be strong enough to accept each persons’s own different character which identifies them as unique. If God wanted everyone to think and respond the same as well as have the same personalities, interest or comments, oh what a boring world this would be. Just as in the bible God allows the weeds and thorns to grow together in a garden collectivetly, and then seperates to see the finish product so must we as bloggers allow the negative comments to post just as well as the ones we want to hear of praises and good spirits. And let the truth be told in this world or society we are now living in we all must be willing to accept that there will always be opposing sides, negative as well as positive views and that PEOPLE will always have a difference of opinions and views. We cant just condemn or silence people just because we dont like their comments or views nor should we feel the need to be overly critical of persons who will at least stand up and say what they beleive. Imagine if everyone kept Quiet for fear of being JUDGED!!!

Kiki Said on

wow. I use to love this show but i’m not really getting into it this time around. I guess b/c of the try-outs i felt like there was some people who needed to be on the show, but due to there life and the way God made them they didnt make it. I also felt this session was a big joke cause there was a lot of peole that should have made it to the next round that didnt make it. maybe next year it wiil be much better

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