Torrence’s Take On Sunday Best Episode 7

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 8:52 pm.

Just going to get right to it…

Fred Hammond opens the show with “No Weapon.” Full disclosure: the minute he opened his mouth, I was ready to scream.  Now Fred is a great singer and never disappoints on that song, but you have got to understand.  That was one of THE MOST sung songs in the audition process and although the auditions were in January, I don’t think I fully detoxed from it.  But he didn’t linger on it too long and I’m glad, although I want to be clear, that’s his song and he sang it like only he could.

Next, the “Fab 4″ came out in all their Cotton Club /Harlem Renaissance glory to sing Dr. Bobby Jones’ version of “Call Him Up.” Umm, it was just odd.  They were barely singing and it just looked weird.  Not much to say there. But speaking of, where’s Keith Pringle? Anybody know?

First up, Latice Crawford.  We got to see another side of Latice with her rendition of “Soon I Will Be Done With The Troubles Of This World.” She found a way to work that song out, because admittedly, it’s a little “old” for her.  I mean, she obviously has a “seasoned voice” but those songs are usually best reserved for the Mother’s board.  Latice did that thing! And she looked gorgeous! Everybody I was watching with on twitter ( all said the same thing at the same time: She looked like a tribute to vintage Whitney Houston. Just beautiful! (Yes folks, in gospel, we must not only minister and sound goood, but we got to look like something. Be deep if you want, but every bit helps in fulfilling that GREAT commission. Amen?!)

Y’Anna Crawley came right behind Latice with “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired.”  Y’Anna, I will NOT let you trip me up again this week, I’m going to write something even if it kills me.  Her performance was absolutely amazing and in my opinion, she silenced all her critics who doubted her relationship with God.  She sang with conviction and ministered, complete with scripture and all.  As we like to say in the church I grew up in, she “walked the floor” on that thing!

Jessica Reedy! I said it before and have said it again, my favorite FROM DAY ONE! And day one would be January 31, 2009 on the day of the Washington, DC auditions when she walked into that preliminary judging room with a soft smile and sang me into a crying spell.  Actually, at first she didn’t.  I could tell she was nervous and she ran ALL over the place (although those runs were PERFECT).  So she pulled back and a little bit and at that moment, I was forever a fan  Her performance of “God Has Smiled On Me” was absolutely amazing.  Did she hoop and holler all over the place? Nope, she sure didn’t, but her treatment of a song is so unique and SPECIAL to her and it moves me to no end!  Ok, I’ll stop here, because I’m about to “go in” again.

I felt a little  for Zebulon Ellis. He’s an absolutely amazing vocalist, but those ladies before him set that stage on fire.  As awesome as his version of “Precious Lord” was, he could have walked out doing cartwheels and  popping firecrackers with one hand and it still wouldn’t have mattered. Awesome job Zebulon, but the ladies took it tonight.  I’m not worried though, he’s got a career and I’m sure I’ll run into him at some big event where he’s the headliner and I’ll be blogging about him….solo.

So I know a lot of you probably expect me to clown Wynona Judd.  And you’re probably waiting for me to talk about how she does not fit on this show and that there were plenty of gospel singers who could have had that spot.  But guess what? I won’t.  I actually thought she was EXCELLENT.  Although her sound and even her performance on this episode were not typically gospel, she ministered and “sang me happy.” That harmony and delivery by her and her background singers was incredible.  (Stop trying to figure me out, you won’t. I just like what I like, and Wynona was incredible. Nuff said!)

So we’re down to 3, and the final 3 are:

1. Y’Anna Crawley
2. Jessica Reedy
3. Latice Crawford

These 3 are my top 3 also, although it was hard to get to this point.  Whoever wins deserves it at this point.  But we’ve got to keep watching, maybe there will be some surprises in the upcoming performances. I just don’t know. 

Tell me what you guys think. Did I get it right?

I’m out!


P.S. Anyone notice that the final 3 all auditioned in D.C.? I’m convinced me and a bunch of my other industry buddies knew what we were doing! :-)

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Bradford Said on

My favorite is Jessica Reedy by far. SHe has proven that she can go the mile. She has done this by
1. She has yet to scream and shout- not considered singing
2. Caressed every song with a gently style of her own.
3. Bridges the gap between r&b, Jazz, and gospel- this will bring a huge audience to the gospel realm saving many souls.
4. Young and on the right track
5. The girl is beautiful and is very marketable.
6. She is everything you need in the music industry form a business standpoint. I fell in love with this young lad the first time i heard her and saw her sing. I even went to her hometown and heard her sing in person. She is truly a blessing and a gift from god

Nette Said on

I like this show a lot. I feel that it’s unfair, when Latrice Crawford has made many mistake the judges still say she did a great job. Tina asked her if she felt comfortable singing the song on 4/19/09. Tina said that she heard in her voice like she wasn’t sure about the song. Latrice said yes, she did mess up and you could hear it in her voice. Then Tina turned around and said she did a great job . When others mess up they don’t get that treatment. I feel and it looks tlike they already picked Sunday Best. LET”S BE FAIR!!!!!!

ruby gamble Said on

Tonight’s show had talent and showmanship, but lost the Sunday. If these shows are not taped, please bring Zebulon back for the sing off, show down, next Sunday. We all miss him. He is Real ! Thanks Judges and Kirk we are so glad that we (family) have a positive show to watch. We were all having fun and said the next show that someone thinks of will be, “Now That Will Preach”. Back to Zebulon, please bring him back, please.

Shawonnia Mayes Said on

Last nights show was great! All the ladies did a wonderful job!. But jessica has something when she sang she gave me chills… i have never seen anyone to this date that can mix gospel and blues together like she does. and it is not intentional it is natural.. She gave me chills she reminds me of gladys… and a singer by the name of tweet (the southern humming bird).. People can say what they want negative or positive.. but god will use her to reach millions of young people and at the rate we are going that is were it is needed the most… jessica you are sundays best…. and her confidence is getting better and better as she sings… You can tell she has been through a lot at a young age. And sometimes it is hard to find your way back to god after so many people have looked down on you for having kids at a young age… But she is blessed and i will buy her album. i don’t care what you guys say she is sunday best hands down…… What god has for you no one can take that away..

Gmama Said on

I am confused as to why the judges could not make a decision.

Raquel Said on

I just want to say that I LOVE Jessica Reedy! The song she SANG “God Has Smiled On Me” was one song that I will NEVER forget, I watch it everyday on the bet web. She has and will be my FAVORITE!!! LOVE YOU JESSICA. Would Love to meet her.

Mrs. Potts Said on

The top 3 are just AMAZING!!! But….Jessica Reedy is AWESOME all by herself!!! Such a different talent!!! I love all of the girls but I am for JESSICA. Like Tina said ” She is so SICK wit it!”
I wish they all could win, they will all be successful if we support them all no matter who wins!!! After the show is over and the winner is chosen buy all of their CD’s because they all WILL BE recording artistis!!!


BlessedWoman Said on

After seeing sunday’s show, I’ve been on this website rewinding Jessica Reedy continuously. Her voice is truly anointed and her delivery is impeccable. The average gospel lover or christian would rather be moved by a lot of runs and hollering from the singer, but there is no need for her to do such yelling, screaming and hollering. Her voice is melodic. I have been all over the internet looking for anything that she has sang on, but cant find it. As soon as her CD hits stores, online or whereever, I will be the first to purchase it, might pre-order if thats an option. Her rendition of God Has Smiled On Me, made my day after having had the life nearly sucked out of me on friday. I wake up Sunday and there she is singing this song so soulful and unapologetically her way. Gospel is about touching the souls of the listener, and she truly touched me. I have gone back to all past episodes on the site simply to hear her voice and I wasnt disappointed at all. I truly hope that she will be crowned Sunday’s Best. But even if she isnt, I hope that someone saw the need for her to feed our spirit with her voice and not only signs her but delivers on sharing her talent with those of us who are waiting. I really like Latice as well, she has an old soul in a young pretty body. Yanna is okay also, she yells and hollers a lot and thats what most people consider to be anointed and it really isnt. Its yelling and hollering. I was so moved by God has smiled on me and continue to believe that song was being sung at that time in that way for me. Jessica, I await your project, because even if they dont vote you Sunday’s Best because you dont yell and scream, you have the voice of an Angel and we are Blessed to have heard you. You remind me of Regina Belle, whom I truly love to hear anything that she sings. Continue to do you because many didnt agree with Kirk Franklin’s style in the beginning either. But he continued on and his brand of gospel touched many, including me. Traditional gospel will not bring everyone to Christ, so there is a need for those like you, Mary Mary, Bebe & CeCe, Kirk etc. to reach the unreachable.

God Bless You Sister!

Shirley Said on

I missed episode 7, will you be airing this episode again. I love all of the songs that were sung that evening and I know that all of the contestants really performed them. I hope you will be doing reruns. All three of the final contestants and the bomb, they have all touched my heart with their singing. Said on

All episodes are on

luvgoodsangin Said on

Sunday Best” is back searching for the nation’s next gospel singing sensation. Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary and BeBe Winans return to BET to find that one special anointed singer. Many will be called, but only one can be the Sunday Best.

This caught my eye yall. I’ts right under the blog roll on the site. I believe it answers the question of is this a singing comp or a most anointed competion.

Rev. Michelle Said on

The ANNOINTING on this episode was PHENOMENAL!!! When your ANNOINTING is so powerful it reaches through the air ways…… It is the ANNOINTING that DESTROYS the yolk., don’t care how well you sing, without the ANNOINTING its tinkiling brass and sounding symbals. Wynona sang me happy too Torrence, Great God Almighty!!!

khandi Clark Said on

Sunday Best!!!! I really love this program. i can not wait until season three. look for my name as a contestant.

Kay Said on

Jessica,is the bomb. She is so jazzy with it. She give gospel music style.

ThePope Said on

Jessica Reedy has talent but should never have made it this far over some of the others booted off. She has not been given ONE song to date to show a different side of her abilities…yet the others have. In the duet with Y’anna, Y’anna blew her away vocally…and this was EVEN though Y’anna was not at her best because her voice seemed tired/strained the last show. Jessica would be great on a BLUES or JAZZ contest-show but not GOSPEL. And while I appreciate BeBe’s (whom I LOVE!) opinion of comparing her to an all-time great by the name of Ms. Gladys Knight…I ask BeBe to please NOT insult Ms. Knight—Jessica can’t come in the room with this legend—NO COMPARISON or SIMILARITIES whatso ever. Latice Crawford has a very powerful voice and is unique is style. Y’anna is a powerhouse in the traditional sense of Gospel music. So, if you want something different like jazzy talent…I guess Jessica would be the pick; otherwise, if you want SUNDAY’S BEST, stick with Y’anna (since she’s the only one left). As for Mary, Mary…I’m not sure how these two ended up as judges…not the best vocally and haven’t been in the business long enough. Tina’s holier-than-thou attitude is very annoying…take the shackles off sweetie!

Alison Said on

Am trying to find the song Seasons that jeff spain sung i really love that song but i can’t find it, Can anyone tell me who actually sung that song?

Torrence Said on

Hey Allison, that song is on Donald Lawrence & the Tri-City Singers’ “Go Get Your Life Back” album.

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