Guest Blogger: Gerard Bonner’s Isaiah Thomas Recording Recap

Published by Torrence Glenn on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 6:03 pm.


Remember a few months ago when I went to JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise’s Recording and brought you the recap and photos from the event within days of the event?  Well, my good friend Gerard Bonner from Bonnerfide & hooked me up with those photos and I’m glad to say he was able to hook me up again for Isaiah D. Thomas and Elements Of Praise’s Recording this past Saturday.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it so not only did he give me some photos but he’s going to tell us what went down and what you can expect when the CD hits stores later.

*So I’m just gonna pass the mic to Gerard*

Thanks Big T!!

What’s good BET family!!  I’ve gotta tell you about the incredible recording that went down on May 16, 2009 in Washington, DC.  The New Macedonia Baptist Church played host to the third live recording of Isaiah D. Thomas and Elements of Praise.  Thomas, a skilled songwriter and producer, is a 2-time Stellar Award winner, catching national notoriety upon winning the Song of the Year honors at the 2007 Stellar Awards for the hit “I Will Bless The Lord”.  Along with his choir Elements of Praise, he garnered his second Stellar in 2008 for Contemporary Choir of the Year.   Their latest effort, titled “The Greatest”, earned the group three Stellar nominations.   So this recording came with great anticipation and it clearly didn’t disappoint.

Yours truly had the honor of hosting this incredible event and the standing room only crowd came ready for an amazing night.  After skilled praise dancing from the Dayspring Dancers, Thomas and EOP took the stage.  Decked in spring colors, Elements of Praise came ready to throw down.  The group was backed by a serious band that featured Calvin Rodgers (drums), Buddy Lakins (organ), Morgan Turner (bass), Paryss Hayden (lead guitar), music director Chris Leach (keys), and the famed Mo’ Horns.  So the stage was prepared for a serious set and boy did they deliver.

It became quickly obvious that Thomas and EOP had been in the lab and came out with some serious heat.  The session featured twelve incredible songs, all worthy of top ten radio status.  Highlights included the infectiously churchy “Ain’t No Harm” and “I Dare You To Worship”.  The recording featured several of DC’s finest writers and vocalists who made a definite mark during the session.  Perhaps the biggest songs of the night were “He Can Do More” and “Touch and Agree”, penned by David Frazier.  Frazier is responsible for some of gospel’s biggest hits with Hezekiah Walker & LFC (“Power Belongs To God”, “I Need You To Survive” and many others) and graciously lent his pen and gift to Thomas and EOP, who mastered the song that was just written earlier in the week.

Without question, this session was an anointed night filled with incredible music that could easily be an Album of the Year candidate for 2010.  In the meantime, check out these pics from the event.

Elements of Praise

Elements of Praise

Isaiah D. Thomas

Isaiah D. Thomas

David Frazier during the powerful "Touch and Agree"

David Frazier during the powerful "Touch and Agree"

Isaiah D. Thomas directs EOP

Isaiah D. Thomas directs EOP

Teleah Hollingsworth blessed  us during "Jesus Is"

Teleah Hollingsworth blessed us during "Jesus Is"

Leah Clark Leach took us ALL the way IN on "Savior Divine"

Leah Clark Leach took us ALL the way IN on "Savior Divine"

The incomparable Mo' Horns

The incomparable Mo' Horns

Ricky Noble & Isaiah D. Thomas go straight to church with "Ain't No Harm"

Ricky Noble & Isaiah D. Thomas go straight to church with "Ain't No Harm"

The band rocked ALL night long!!

The band rocked ALL night long!!

Thanks for lending me the mic, Torrence!!

*Takes mic from Gerard*

Ok, now I’m really mad I missed it! Ahhhhhh, next time though! But thanks much to Gerard for making us feel like we were there!

Til tomorrow. I’m out!


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Janel Bannister Said on

Great job summing things up, and the pictures are really awesome. You do amazing work. God Bless, Janel

Teleah Said on

what a privelage…All the Glory belongs to God:-) Let’s do it again!!!:-)

vmk Said on

Thanks for a great recap. Wish I was there sounds like the presence of the Lord was in the house

L's Photos Said on

Gerard…..I’m so proud of you and the fact that everything you do you do it to glorify God just makes me even prouder! Without a doubt God continues to use Isaiah & Shalaundia along with Elements Of Praise, my favorite gospel group, to tell the story of the gospel, God’s good news, and God allows them to minister to the hearts of believers and nonbelievers no matter where you are in your walk with Christ. I’ve said it once before, Isaiah Thomas and Elements has not yet fully experienced what God is going to do with the ministry and when they do……Let’s just say GLORYYYYY! God Bless You and I Love U Guys 4 life! “L”

Otesa Said on

Great job Gerard! Im soooo proud of you!! Look at where God has brought you!!! Amazing!!

Good Bless!

Byron Said on

OOOOOh….. I liiiiike titles like “I Dare you to…..” albeit with an ending like “…worship.”

Leah Clark is one of my favorite artisans. Her lead on EOP’s last project “Let There Be Worship!” is awesome awesome awesome.

It’s exciting to see Gerard Bonnerfieding everything!!! Go ‘head ON!

Lady T'Mil Said on

Great recap Bonnerfide! Felt like I was there

Jared Sawyers Said on

Great recap, Gerard!! You really hit the night on the head! As you know, I was there and that church was SHO NUFF rockin!!! I had a great evening, and met some wonderful new friends in the process! I really can’t wait for THIS project to drop! Everything was just so on-point: the musicians, the singers, the writing!! Also, in the midst of the raining, the Lord saw fit to let the electricity stay on! Praise Him!!!!

Keisha Crowell Said on

The night was like FIRE, shut up in my bones. I loved all the songs…as soon as the CD drops, I must go get it. I dare you to buy it and worship :)

Tweets Said on

Omg! I was there I like that last song I think it was called ALL TO GOD! It was in my head all night and the break was hot! cant wait until the cd hits stores……..

Wendi Smith Said on

OMG!!! Was I there??? I wouldn’t have missed the CD release! I can’t wait for it to drop. The song, “Touch and Agree” — WHEW!!! Need I say more. I was so blessed by the experience. What an awesome privilege to have my Pastor, Patrick J. Walker, host the event and THE New Macedonia Baptist Church! Kudos to you, your beautiful wife, and EOP!!!

Keith Bowins Said on

It was a night to remember. God was all in it….You truly will be blessed.If you never had a worship experience before in your life. when the CD hits the stores buy it, dont copy it. It will remove and change somethings in your life. all i can say, God get’s all glory.

Darnell E. Everett,Sr. Said on

Regret that I was not able to witness this amazing event due to a schedule conflict, I was told by many how wonderful and exciting this Gospel event was. The Almighty God truly touch these artists in a divine way. I will not miss the next one… Oh yeah its going to happen again by popular demand and I be right there on the front row. Minister Thomas is a authentic, true and blessed recording artist. We are so bless to have him as part of our family.

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