Guest Blogger: Jessica Reedy

Published by Torrence Glenn on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 2:06 pm.



Hey folks.  We’re in homestretch of Sunday Best, so I’ll keep this short because I know you want to get to the main event.  Over the course of the season, I’ve tried my best to not only give MY take but to bring artists and contestants to you straight up.  So with that, I’m going to keep it going and bring you, one of the Sunday Best Finalists, Jessica Reedy!  We’ve all had something to say about her, now here’s HER turn to talk. Enjoy!

*Hands mic to Jessica*

Hey Torrence and everyone out there. I truly want to give all glory, honor, and praise to God. It is because of Him that I have been appointed for this season in my life to minister through song and given the opportunity to help save some people. My experience at Sunday Best was truly a blessing. I truly believe that the contestants on the show were appointed from God to help me because they all played a huge part in helping my stay at Sunday Best, as well as building my character. From Ms. Carolyn Johnson-White, who I truly believe was sent from God, to Ms. Sharon Gomez who never ceased to amaze me with her ongoing encouraging words. To Mr. Peter, Clifton, John McClure, Dontavies Boatwright, Jeff Spain, Crystal, Zebulan Ellis, Ms. Audrey, Camille Betton, Jon Jon, Maurice, Tammy Turner, and my two closest friends Latice and Y’Anna; I love ya’ll and you all have truly made my Sunday Best experience one to remember.

Okay, let’s get down to it! I want to first address some rumors that may have been put out there. Firstly, I did not know, prior to the show, ANY of the judges. The favor that God has given me while on the show was just that, ‘favor’ from God. I know a lot of you may not understand my style or like it, but what I have was given to me from God. My gift is not to impress anybody and I don’t sing for people. God has given me what I have. When you discover that there is a God who loves you despite your faults, you find yourself in a place of repentance, gratitude and love for the Lord. I LOVE GOD. I owe Him everything that I have. I just want to make God happy and have Him pleased with me. A lot may say I don’t have a Gospel Voice. I should sing R&B. Why? Gospel is not a style!!! It is a message. If you Love the Lord and you have the love of Christ in you, why can’t you deliver the Gospel. I just want to deliver the good news. That’s it. If you are not touched by it, then it was not intended for you. I will now and forever sing for the Lord. Call it Gospel Jazz, what ever you would like, but I just want to help save some people and for my Lord to say, “Jessica well done”. I thank everyone who has had encouraging words despite if I am not your choice. I read your comments and I appreciate those. For those who didn’t have such good words to say, I thank God for you as well, because it is you all who help keep me grounded in God. You make me want an even greater relationship with Him because you remind me that GOD has done this, not me. You remind me that it was not my talent that got me to this place but it was truly the favor of God that brought me to this point. God bless you as well. I love you all.

To my sister Latice, There aren’t words for a genuine spirited and talented person like you. I am your biggest fan. To Y’Anna, wow you are just in a category by yourself because you are too amazing to be duplicated or competed against. It has never been a competition for me. It has been an amazing opportunity and avenue that the Lord opened up to me for the world to be touched.

Winning this competition is not as important to me as helping someone find God for themselves. I would just as willingly take second as I would first. To these two young ladies, I would have gladly taken third as long as someone, even if it’s just one finds God. So vote as your heart desires and I leave my destiny in the hands of my Lord. My God’s will for my life be done.

To all of my fans I would just like to thank each and everyone of you for your continuous support week after week. God bless everyone. And remember this, ” It’s God Or Nothing Everyday”…. Shouts out to G.O.N.E., the Dorsey’s, the Reedy’s, D.G.C., my son Justin, my late father R.I.P Howard Reedy, Sr, grandpa R.I.P. James Dorsey, Sr. And my mother I love you. “Walking by faith and Not by Sight”. Love ya Torrence and thank you for the opportunity.


*Takes mic from Jessica*

Thanks Jessica!  Appreciate it.  You’ve been just as sweet as the day I met you in your audition in January.  I’m looking forward to your future, regardless of the outcome Sunday.  Y’Anna’s coming next.  Stay tuned!


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Michelle Eubanks Said on

It Ain’t OVER…..look forward to hearing from you Jessica. The Lord is your shepherd. Awesome Job!!!! Keep praising the Lord. You beautifully and wonderfully made by God’s Hands. HE never fails. Keep pressing and praising. Don’t give up.

God bless


leanie Said on

Jessica you have an awesome voice that God has blessed with that’s a gift to be shared with others. I have a feeling that this will not be last time we as the people of America we hear you and that huge voice. I will be one of the first ones in line to buy you music!
May God continue to bless and the anoints that he has please in and on your life.


shani johnson Said on

jessica you were very good on sunday best i really enjoyed you , and i still beleive you should have won. america made a very big mistake.

jay Said on

the truth is latice should have won she was annointed the others were gifted. It’s funny in a gospel contest the two finalist for 2weeks didn’t sing gospel songs and moved on. All 3 judges are crossover singers and are looking for the same. Why does gospel always have to cross over to win. Jesus stayed Jesus and people crossed over to meet him. All 3 singers were good I felt Latice was the better of the 3 and she could have song the same styles as them. Trust me Jessica reedy was 1 dimentional she only song one style the same style every week. Y’anna was 2dimentional I will giver her that. But latice was 3 dimentional in all areas and could sing either way. And even when she was off the annointing made up and the difference. She was robbed! I hope we get new judges with new views.

Cherilyn Said on

Hi Jessica – You are amazing and your love for the Lord is even more amazing. Thank you for such a heartfelt and sincere message above. It is wonderful to see such a young lady confess her love and gratitude for God’s blessings. You are going to go far and I will be a forever supporter. Continue allowing your light to shine!

lynn Said on

i truly enjoyed your all your songs you truly,have a wonderful voice

and too all the haters who says she don’t


Angelene Said on

You have truly been a blessing to me I felt your spirit through the T.V. and I caught chills all over my body and for that I know that God is truly going to bless you in a mighty way. STAY BLESSSSSSSSSSSS

Lynnette Harris Said on

Hi Jessica – I just wanted to let you know that I Love your voice. It is soothing and I believe that your voice will reach many through gospel music. I feel the spirit of God when you sing. Just keep God first and doing what you do and God will continuously Bless you. May God have the Glory.



Shelly Said on

Jessica, you did a wonderful job on the show. I was so blessed by your voice, truly the Lord has given you special gift. Continue to keep pressing in the Lord and be encouraged your gift is a true asset to the Body of Christ.

vmk Said on

Jessica I enjoyed your singing you could tell it was from the heart. Everybody is not going to appreciate something different and you were different which is very nice. I enjoyed the jazz feel. God designed you and you are beautiful. If you can reach one soul it doesn’t matter what the nayers may say. God Bless and keep singing for Jesus.

Leatrice Said on

I don’t believe that Jessica was given the right songs to sing, she is a jazzy singer. The experts should have knoown not to give her hard gospel as a challenge. She should have been given songs from Kim Burrell, Vanessa Bell Armstrong or Dorinda Clark-Cole. Y-Anna is great but Jessica would have been a greater challenge had she been given the type of songs more fitted for her style. I would have done like Jessica and let Y-Anna do her thing b/c she is not hard gospel singer. I too have a jazzy voice and my sister has a gospel voice, she will smoke me when it comes to hard gospel singing but I can sing gospel songs with a jazzy connotation much better than her. Especially, gospel songs sung by Nancy Wilson etc. I am so dissappointed that the experts failed her….Lea

Marilyn Said on

Jessica, I am truly your BIGGEST fan. Please do not get discourage at Y’Anna’s win. It was your big sister’s time & season on Sunday’s Best. God wants you to be M.T.W.TH. F.S. & SUNDAYS BEST. I prayed about the decision he allowed the voters to make. Your UNIQUE voice is much needed in the hour. The world is suffering and needs to calm down & worship him & your voice is what will help us to do that. Please hurry up with the CD I want to give them out as Xmas gifts this year.

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Priscilla Said on

Jessica, just wanted you to know that I prayed a special prayer for you on Friday, 6/5. My prayer is that the Lord will give you grace to guard the gift He has given you for His Kingdom. I pray that you will not allow your gift to become tainted in any way — for what you have is truly PRICELESS!!

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april Said on

jessica you are a wonderful singer and i hope you put your cd out soon, think about your wonderfuf style of singing,and wish that i could sing that way. i have had only 3 singers i always wished that i could always sing like, well their i only 1 now,and that is you.bebe,seems as though he wants to do a duet with you,during the show,he didnt say that about the others,because he truly knows who was the special one with real talent and that is you.good luck jess,and please please please make you cd soon like right now icant wait to here it and i know i listen to it about everyday. i dont listen to gosspel a whole lot but i know once your cd comes out there will be a change in my life,especially how great voice deliver gods messages.i hope you read your bloggs often so you can know how badly the people wants and need to here