Guest Blogger: Latice Crawford

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, May 3, 2009 at 8:50 pm.


Well if you’ve been keeping up and watched this week’s episode, you watched our good friend Latice Crawford get sent home.  Well Latice has something to say and wanted you to hear/read it first.  Latice, in her own words, starts now.

*Passes mic to Latice*


Latice is in the house. Okay, so very quickly let me answer some of the questions that have been asked in some of the previous blogs.

Here we go.

Yes, I do my own hair.
No, we don’t get to choose our songs each week. They are chosen for us. Yes I was comfy with the songs chosen for me, but vocal exhaustion set in for a bit. It happens to every singer once in a while.
And no I was not really 250 pounds before coming on the show. lol it was a joke. No disrespect to anyone. I was trying to say they worked us out.. not much sleeping or eating and I love to do both. That’s all. It was a joke.
No im not shy. I’m the biggest cut up and jokester you’ll ever meet. You should see me behind the stage. I love to laugh, but when I get on stage I’m so appreciative to be where I am until I just stand and try to take it all in. And sometimes I was just plain hungry. I was thinking about the burgers and hot wings I wanted to eat but knew I wouldnt have time for. LOL And I’m loud so I couldn’t do much talking on stage. I wasn’t caught up in the glitz and glam nor do I think I’m famous. Plz I still owe my mom $10. You can’t be famous and still owe mamma

Next, let me say that Jessica Reedy and Y’Anna Crawley are both my girls and are very anointed. Whatever you hear or see is part of their testimony. Let he who is without sin… you should know the rest of that!!

I must say this then I promise I’ll get to my experience on the show..I promise :) I love you all but please stop putting the “R” in my It’s LATICE (no R) Crawford. And the Whitney thing is cool. I think it’s an honor for me to be compared to one of the greatest of all time but I dont want to get stuck there. There’s only 1 Whitney.

Okay okay, so I told a lil fib. Lol I gotta get this out. To my personal supporters (I hate the title fan.) I love you, love you, love you. I am thankful for every email and all the words of encouragement!! You guys are great and make me want to do this forever!!

Now the juicy details.. (dum dum dum) This competition has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. No, not because of the exposure but because of all the great people I met. Terry Leon, Kelly, Ms. Regina, Tamara, DeAngela, Nia (aww man gotta love her), Syzmon, all of the backstage and camera crew. The makeup artists- Hey Denise (thats my homie), the top 20 (greatest group of people you’ll ever meet)to name a few… Jess, Yanni, Cliff, Jon John, Jeff Spain -the smoothest brother youll ever know ;) . I’m ’bout to get myself in trouble because I know I can’t name everyone. Now to the judges, I love you guys. To my mentor, one of the best gospel/inspirational song writers and arrangers in this world- Donald Lawrence. Donald calls it kingdom music.. i like that. (Hey Greg). Okay enough with the name throwing im just thankful!!

This experience has blessed my life in so many ways. I’ve already mentioned some of the life long freindships that I’ve formed but the feeling of being accepted and understood was something I never thought I’d know. But finally, I feel like I’m just like everyone else!! lol And it feels good. This competition made me understand my gift more (which is ministry) and it allowed me to reach people everywhere. Did y’all know this show is airing in Ghana? I finally am satisfied with the sound of my voice. My rasp and my growl, which I had to get used to because I had a very high voice.

I’ve read some of the blogs and I laugh because everyone talks about how I scream and yell but you just wouldn’t understand. About 7 years ago I was stripped of my voice. God took my voice for 4 years. Not just singing but my speaking voice as well. If I said hi too loud I’d be hoarse to the point I couldnt speak for weeks!! There was no singing. No more high pretty voice; all because i took my voice and calling for granted. You see, I never asked for this GIFT. It was placed in me and God had to make me want it. I was always one of those dainty singers that still had rasp but sang high like Karen Clark-Sheard or Mariah Carey except I’d tilt my head to the side, roll my eyes in my head and laugh when I’d do a run or trill because it was so easy for me. But God had to put some ugly and appreciation in it and so he took me through that and some other experiences that made me want to scream but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even whisper. I cried everyday but the more i went through it, it made me write and I’d write not even realizing God was allowing me to write the songs he’d later allow me to sing. That’s how God is. Even in punishment he still blesses!! It got to a point I thought God didn’t hear me. But one day after all those years God released me and allowed me to meet a producer named Denarius Motes and he had a track titled “The Falling Dream.” Man I loved that track. As he played it I started hearing God speaking to me saying “open your mouth” but I knew I couldn’t sing it in that key. I think it was in A. I’m a low B singer (every musician hates that key- lol) Hey Justin.. And i didnt even ask him if i could have the track (lol) but God didnt care about that. He knew what he was doing. God said “open your mouth I’ll sing for you. I’ll give you the words,” so I did. And the end result was a song titled Hear’s on my myspace page.. I love that song because I know it was God. I’ve been doing that ever since; just saying “ahhhhhh” and letting God do all the la la las.. I’ll scream, I’ll yell, I’ll shout because I know where God brought me and I’m appreciative every time I can belt out a note.

Well I think I talked enough.. but let me close with this.. Sunday best is a great opportunity for any singer. From the audition to the competition was a blessing. But let me warn you, it’s hard work so be prepeared. It’s not the glitz and glam you see on sunday nights at 9 pm. But trust me it will bless your life!!

And I’m out – thanks for having lil ol me and taking the time out to read.

Latice Crawford


*Takes mic from Latice*

Thanks Latice! That’s a bit of an amazing testimony. Who would have thought? 4 years? Amazing, but that voice is BACK now, in whatever form, we LOVE IT. (or at least I do!)


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Letisha Said on

Latice you just don’t know how much you blessed me with you voice and your love for god.No matter what people say you are my Sunday’s Best.I ‘m not going to talk about the other 2 finalist because if this show was rigged my god will handle.Latice just keep doing god’s will and watch him do the rest ,i read your testimony so you know this already..I taped all your performances you did on sunday best ,and i watch them everyday your annointing get me by on days when i fell i can’t make it so Thank You.

John791 Said on

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mjohnsonB Said on

First, I would like to say I really enjoyed the show and all the great talents. My favorite and I’m her number one fan: LatRice!!!! lol…. gotcha. I know by reading what she wrote, take the “r” out. But, on a serious note: I love her and we had family debate on our favorite singer. Latice was and is awesome ! You are so awesome and amazing and i cant wait until your album drop. I was so amazed by how powerful your voice is coming from a a small person. Its so funny that one of the host said that you sounded like a gospel Whitney Houston, bc i told my husband that; before it was mention on the show. Good luck and best wishes. Final note: I will buy all 3 CD’s because they are all different and unique. Something new and different.

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