Jessica Reedy Speaks After Sunday Best

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 8:55 pm.

Congratulations are still in order to our friend Jessica Reedy!  She competed against thousands and made it to the final 2.  Although Jessica didn’t win Sunday Best, she still has a little something to say.

*passes mic to Jessica*

To God be the Glory. To have made it this far is such a blessing.  To have been awarded the privilege to share the stage with such amazing people, That in itself was enough for me.  What God has done for me and what he is doing as we speak is so amazing to me.  Y’anna was well deserving of Sunday Best because she’s been everyday of the week’s best….. I love you Y’anna and it truly was my pleasure to have met you. This is just the begining for the both of us.  God knows what he’s doing, he is a genius.  I trust him. Thanks to everyone for the support.  I am overwhelmed with appreciation. Thank you God for this, I am forever indebted to you. Thank you Lord!

*takes mic from Jessica*

Jessica, you may not have been crowned Sunday Best, but you are definitely one of our Sunday favorites and we wish you much success.  I KNOW this isn’t the end, it’s just getting started.

I’m out!


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Lorea Said on


Lorea Said on

Hey Jessica!
Jessica you can sang! I recorded you on my TV singing!
You are wow blowing! I wanna be just like you when i grow up! (your really pretty and i love to sing to!)
I really tried to go that low with you when you sang on Sundays Best!
I go to Mt.Zion Apostolic Church in Indianapolis Indiana!
I love your runs and i cried just like BeBe when you sang i Surrender All!
I am going to sing that at Jamfest at my church on Friday well, tomorrow!
I even tried to do your runs and i can beast them just like you can! Nobody can be like you!

Phae Said on

Dear Jessica, I can’t wait for then rest of the world to hear your voice , GOD has truly bless you with a gift, And yes we have been waiting for that uniqueness thta you are going to bring to the Gospel music industry.
And yes the there is going to be times that will be challenging for you but hold on to your faith and God bless you and your child. and thank you for inspriring me and stay strong…

Michelle Said on

Hey Jessica! I wished you would’ve won. But like you said,”God knew what he was doing.” Y’anna can blow but, everytime I heard your voice I just felt so anointed and inspired. And I kept rewinding it over and over just to hear you sing. I didn’t look forward to seeing anyone else. There are so many voices likes Y’anna’s out there, but your voice is something special. And please don’t change who you are. I can’t wait until your cd comes out.

Beverly Reynolds/Saginaw Said on

Hi Jessica, I watched you on Sunday best from beginning to the end. I was impressed with how you stepped up your game after singing the first song. You have a phenomenal voice that need to be heard all over the world. You touched my heart so many times while you were singing. I like it that you dont do all of that screaming. It doesnt take all of that to reach people. Remember that your gift will make room for you. My son said that he knew you and he doesnt even watch gospel but he was even touched by your voice. Your voice and the annointing will reach a wide variety of people. Dont change, be who you are. Y’Anna is a great singer in her own way, I enjoyed her and I congratulate her for winning Sunday Best. But always remember what God has for you is for you. I love you and keep putting Christ first and you will go far. If you are ever in concert or singing anywhere around the area e-mail me and let me know and I will support u 100%. Cant wait to buy your CD. Hoprfully the remix of Brighter Day is on it.

Bee Lane Said on

I am so proud of you… you have such a beautiful voice!!! Your voice is truly anointed. Know that what God has for you is ONLY for you. Be blessed.

Beverly Reynolds Said on

Hi Jessica,
Iam so grateful that you decided to participate on Sunday Best. It has given the world a chance to hear your annointed voice. You touched my soul each and every show and I play my video on a daily basis. You have a gift that only the Lord could have blessed you with. I am so glad that you dont do all that screaming and hollering. I am from Church of God In Christ so I have heard enough of it. Your annointed voice is the kind of voice people want to hear while riding in their car, when in need of a blessing. It tiuches the inner soul and spirit. It makes me cry because you sing with so much passion. I am 47 years old and have been where you were. You did not win Sunday Best but God has heard your plea and your cry. He has given you a special annointing for this time. THIS IS YOUR SEASON! WALK IN IT. I enjoyed Y’Anna and she did a GREAT JOB so I cant take anything from her and wish her much success. I like the way you handled yourself with professionalism after the winner was announced. By lifting up others God will lift you up. My son watched the show when you sang Brighter Day and he was so overwhelmed with your voice. He said that he knew you from school. I have even caught him watching my videos of you. I seen tears come from his eyes after you sang I surrender all. He doees not go to church so you see that you dont know whose heart you will touch. Your style is definitely needed in the industry. I cant wait until your CD drops. I also enjoyed Latice Crawford and I will purchase her CD too. I saw your friend Sharna at my church and d I remembered her from Sunday Best ,

Meme Said on

Jessica, I watched the whole competition (I could not wait until a new Sunday’s Best came on) and I want you to know that I knew it would be a hard decision from the beginning, (all the singer were GREAT!!) but I knew it would be between You and Yanni. You both have such a gift and you’re using it for the Lord… WHAT A BLESSING!!! So of course you’re going to be blessed, you may have been surprised about all that’s happening for you, but God has a plan for all of us and only God know what that plan is and when it will take place. I See GOD ALL INSIDE YOU… I see the Passion you have for the Lord, I Pray that you continue to use your gift for the Lord, and I know God will continue to POOR down his Blessing Upon you and Yanni. You are a Beautiful Gifted young woman, keep doing what you’re doing for the Lord… Much Love to you my sister through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

BG Said on

Blessings to you and yours Jessica. Congratulations on a job well done and may God continue to bless your future endeavors as a gospel artist and mother. Peace!

leslie daniel Said on

congratulations great job u done keep ur head up and may god be with u always you have a lovely voice

Tonia Said on

Ms. Reedy,
Congratulations on doing so great on Sunday Best. I am working with the coordinator for the Family Night for Friday Night Live in Saginaw. We were wondering if you would be able to sing the National Anthem for us on August 7.

Thank you and God Bless,

Glenda Said on

It has truly been a blessing watching you on Sunday’s Best. I’m sitting here now watching the programs that I recorded. You have truly inspired me and many others. You are the favorite “Sunday Best ” singer in our household ,not taking anything away from Ms. Crawley because she was also phenomenal .While watching the program that you were singing “I’m still here” , you helped me to continue to know and realize that God is always in control. That song and the way it was sung was so heartfelt. I use the words of that song as my testimony daily, we all have had troubles and heartache but we’re still here. God is so good. I incorporate the words of that song in conversations when a person needs a spiritual lift.You keep doing what you’re doing. Keep your focus on God. You stated during one of the recording session “that you now know what God’s purpose is for you and that your are going to get more into the God’s word and let your light shine. Your light has just started to shine and if you keep your hands in God’s hands your light will get even brighter. What I really liked about you is that you present such a humble spirit and there’s nothing wrong with crying for God. I can’t wait to see you in a Gospel Concert in Chicago. I am your biggest fan. May God continue to bless and keep you. I hope one day we will have the opportunity to cross each other’s path. I Know that God has bigger and better things for you, Sunday’s Best was just a preparation stage.

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yvette richards Said on

my favorites on the show were the last four standing. But you miss Reedy are amazing.God has blessed you with such a unique gift. Don’t ever let anyone change it up. What yo do, how you present your gift is what draws your listeners to you. you do have tohave this extravagant range. Anyone can belt out a song. So many people that sing, the first thing they want to do is show you their range. But you have something far more than range can give. And that is soul, the ability to bring about calm with your voice, to cause people to cry and smile at the same time, and love in your presentation. God has anointed you. every time you sing, we feel the passion in your heart. And the love for Christ in your soul. I can see you going very far in this industry. Keep obeying and loving God. Keep bring that Reedy flavor. And never try to do or be something that you are not. Stay true to God and yourself. And I pray that I can write for you beccause I would really love to. Sending out love from the CHI. Windy City!!!!

yvette richards Said on

My favorites were the last four standing. But Miss Reedy your glimmer was much brighter than the others up there. You should never make excuses for you not having a range. You have your own unique range.You just keep on bringing that Reedy flavor. Don’t let anyone change you into someone that is not true to you. Anyone that sings can belt out a song. But you are a unique and special talent. The gospel industry does not yet have a Reedy. Crawley is awesome and I don’t take anything from her but the industry can mimic a Crawley, but I haven’t seen a clone of Reedy. You are your own. Anyone can raise their voice in a song but you raise the song. You give life to it. God has anointed your gift. You have soul, you have the ability to make people cry and smile at the same time, and you bring calm to anyone place you sing in. When you sing, we see the passion in your heart and the love for Christ in your soul. I can see you going very far in this industry. Stay true to God and yourself. Keep loving and obeying God. And I pray that I will be able to write for you because I would really love to. Sending love and prayers to you from the CHI. Windy City. Ya heard!!!!!

chris bakare Said on

Yes u did’nt win sunday best Jessy but like we say in my church Houseontherock lagos “SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN”baby carry on with ur everyday best cus u r d bomb n we luv u

Stephanie Scott Said on

God Bless You Jessica. Your voice is truly beautiful. I watched the entire season of Sunday Best just to see if there was anyone out there who had a different kind of sound, but that could still touch me spiritually and you certainly delivered. You and your voice are a gift to us from GOD and I know that you should have won that contest, HANDS DOWN! But where you are is where GOD wants you to be, so I hope and pray that you were’nt discouraged by this “loss”, but propelled by it so you can move on to bigger, better, and much more meaningful and brighter things.

YOUR #1 FAN Said on


roni Said on

I too, like everyone else was very, very sad when you didn’t win. But, as we have seen from American Idol, the runner up do just as well, if not better than the winner. I too, can’t wait til your CD comes out, I downloaded “Jesus loves me” to my iphone, it’s only a 1:58 secs long, I play & replay, &replay it over.. I love those runs, girlfriend.. Like everyone else has said, your voice is unique, different, jazzy/gospel…. please hurry with that CD…..I began watching Sunday’s Best b/c of you, was never into it…..

Kimberly Said on

Jessica I love you sooo much and was so blessed by your gift of singing. your still a winner in my book God bless you and i wish you the best! I cant wait to buy your DC :-)