The Sunday Best Choir

Published by Torrence Glenn on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 4:45 pm.

Sup folks.  Me…again.  I told you, I’m not going anywhere.  Just the other day (yesterday) I was watching all the old episodes of Sunday Best just to see if I may have gotten something wrong, would change something I said in the past, etc.  I think for the most part, my feelings throughout the season would have been the same. 

But then, the Choir Director in me rose up as I watched the episode where they wore those robes and backed up Byron Cage.  Yeah, I was/am that guy.  I don’t really do it too much anymore unless it’s a conference or workshop, but for quite a few years, I was the good ole choir director/musical director dude.  So anyway, I thought of a game me and my friends play sometimes, especially on road trips.  It doesn’t really have a name but here’s how it goes.  We turn on the radio and depending on what song comes on, we decide what section of the choir they’d be in.  It can get fun, because a lot of times we disagree or perhaps one artist may “lead” songs in one voice and be different in the choir. (For example, I’d put Jennifer Hudson in the alto section although she hits plenty of soprano notes.)

So, I thought, what would I do with the Sunday Best 20?  How would I arrange them in the choir? So here are my picks, and I want to know yours as well.  I read the comments and know there’s a lot of singers, musicians and choir directors on this blog and I want YOUR TAKE.

Carolyn Johnson-White
Audrey Lewis

Sharon Gomez – I see you shakin’ your head. Trust me on this one…

Y’Anna Crawley
Jessica Reedy – I know a lot of you have called her a tenor or a baritone, but in my opinion, she’s a choir alto.  I might have her stand on the front row next to the tenors to fill in on a higher song where the dudes may have some trouble, but she’d hang with the altos.
Camille Betton
Tammy Turner
Crystal Holland
Cekoya Burch

Latice Crawford – She could probably sing a comfortable alto, but would want her to preserve her voice a bit for leads, since I’d be giving her a bunch of ‘em!
Zebulon Ellis
Dontavies Boatwright –
He’d be leading everything by the way, lol
John McClure – he currently sings tenor with Jonathan Nelson & Purpose
Jeff Spain – I might have to put him in the second row though as he learned the ins and out of singing in the choir since he’s still new. 
Clifton Ross – I would probably put him right next to Jessica so he could help out the altos, because he could comfotably get up there, but I tend to want to leave guys in the tenor section, regardless of their range.
Kalind Haynes – He’d probably be one of the best choir tenors in the bunch and he’d have his own mic for recordings when you need a CLEAN voice.
Jonathan Johnson
Ian Knighton
– see Clifton Ross
Maurice Griffin – See Ian Knighton and Clifton Ross
Peter Robinson – I know we didn’t get to see a lot of him, but DO NOT sleep on this guy, he is REALLY GOOD

So that’s my Sunday Best Choir.  I know half of y’all are like “huh?” This is mainly for my singer/musician heads.  Now let me know what you think and where YOU would place ‘em.

Time for me to go to the BET Awards Nominations announcement.  Check back later to see who’s nominated for Best Gospel Artist!


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I think the way the choir you put together was great idea.I have been singing all of my life.I sung with a choir by the name of Rodnie Bryant and the Christian Community MassChoir.We had a hit song back in 1999 titled He’s a Keepa. It was so much fun to play games with people in the choir when we were on the tour.
God bless you and your ministry

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